Student Computer Resources

These spaces are available for students to use during the standard business hours for each location.


Classroom Computer Labs

If you are attending class in a computer lab on campus, you may find some variation in the number of computer or model of computers available in each classroom. Regardless of these differences, the process to log into the computer remains the same.


Software in Computer Labs & Libraries

ITS receives request to install various software packages in classrooms.  The team reviews the request to ensure the software has been properly purchased and the intended use adheres to all license agreements.  Due to the varying nature of the requests, you may find that some software is only installed in select locations.  For example, AutoCAD is installed in labs designated for Engineering, while Adobe Creative Cloud is installed in labs designated for Graphic Design.  

To ensure equitable access, the ITS team has installed these various software packages on select computers in the library.  Due to license agreements, we may not be able to install the software on every computer in the library, but every attempt is made to ensure that the software is available in some capacity.  Please see your campus Librarian for additional information on which computers best meet your needs.  


Saving Files on CCAC Student Computers

Please do not save any files directly onto CCAC resource room computers. The ITS department instead recommends utilizing OneDrive or a personal USB storage device. CCAC cannot guarantee the availability or security of these files. Student computers are very frequently wiped, replaced, or in use by others. In these situations, data is never backed up and will be deleted with no possibility for recovery.

OneDrive provides 1TB of cloud storage to all CCAC students. For instructions on accessing your OneDrive, please click here:

For instructions on saving files to your OneDrive, please click here:


Student Computer Replacements/Upgrades

Please note that each year the ITS team works to re-image all student computers.  This standard practice allows for us to provide the latest software packages and updates available to students, while also ensuring that we take proactive steps to provide the best performance possible from each computer.  When appropriate, the labs will be replaced with newly purchased computers.  


Microsoft Patches & Updates

On the 2nd Tuesday of each month, Microsoft releases patches for various software updates or to patch identified vulnerabilities. We review the impact of these patches for a small period of time. If there is no indication that the patches will negatively impact operations, the patches and updates are released to the entire college to ensure we are as safe and secure as possible. You may experience slowness on the computers during these timeframes.