We are glad to have you on the team! Below are seven sections of information that we think will be helpful for you on your first few days using the technology that is provided to you by CCAC's IT department. On the right-hand side, is also a table of contents to help you quickly navigate to information you may need.

Account Information

NetID Username

Your NetID Account will allow you to access all off CCAC applications and systems using your NetID username and password to log in. 

Username: jdoe

Example username for John Doe, will be 1st letter of first name and full last name


Password Criteria

Password Criteria for an Employee Account

Password Information

  • Password will need changed: every 180 days
  • Account lockout: 5 authentication failures within 30 seconds results in account lock out for 10 minutes
  • You will not be able to change your password less than 2 days since you last changed it
  • At least 15 characters
  • Password must contain characters from three of the following four categories:
    • English uppercase characters (A through Z)
    • English lowercase characters (a through z)
    • Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
    • Non-alphabetic characters (for example: !, $, #, %)
      • Cannot include a period (.), space ( ), comma (,), or less than or greater than brackets (< or >)
      • Cannot include any Unicode character that is categorized as an alphabetic character but is not uppercase or lowercase.  This includes Unicode characters from the Asian languages
  • Cannot reuse the last 6 passwords
  • Password must not contain your account name or parts of your full name that exceed two consecutive characters



ITS Suggestion - Use a Passphrase!

A passphrase contains symbols and numbers to replace certain letters and can be a complete or incomplete phrase and can also contain spaces. The length and complexity of the passphrase make your account more secure resulting in less required password resets. The more characters your passphrase has, the stronger it is. To make your passphrase strong by replacing letters with numbers or symbols, such as replacing the letter ‘a’ with the ‘@’ symbol or the letter ‘o’ with the number zero.


  • It was a bright cold day in April  -  Itw@s@brightcoldd@yin4
  • The key to faking out the parents is the clammy hands  -  Th3k3ytof@kingoutthep@rentsisthecl@mmyh@nds
  • In the town where I was born  -  Inth3t0wnwh3r3Iw@sb0rn
  • I would like to run 5 miles a week  -  !wouldl!k3torun5m!lesaweek

Personal Account information

You can reach out to Human Resources to have your information updated, or use CCAC Self-Service to update your information. 
You can update your address, email, phone number and more through the CCAC Self-Service.


Profile Picture

Profile Picture Standards

Taking a Professional Profile Photo

  • Use a recent photo of yourself.
  • Wear appropriate attire.
  • Take a photo with the right expression.
  • Keep your head straight.
  • Avoid distracting backgrounds.
  • You should be the only subject.
  • Take the photo in soft, natural light.
  • Do not use the CCAC logo, seal, icons, ect.

If you would like a CCAC Headshot, use the Head Shot Request for the CCAC Website‍ form. 

Setting Up Your Profile Photo

  • Crop the picture from the top of your shoulders to just above your head so that your face fills the frame.
  • You face should take up at least 60% of the frame
  • Use a high-resolution image (400x400 pixels)

How to Add Your Profile Photo

Add a Profile Picture from the Outlook Application - CCAC's Help Center (This will also update Webex)
Adding a Profile Picture to your CCAC Zoom Account - CCAC's Help Center  



1st Time Account Setup

1st Time Setup

It is best to use a CCAC device that is connected to the CCAC network. this can be either through a docking station or CCAC-Scholastic Wi-Fi (automatically for a CCAC laptop)

If logging in for the first time on-site, Windows will automatically prompt for the password change. 


Default password: xX#######

  • (lower case) x Represents the lower-case first letter of your first name
  • (upper case) X Represents the upper-case first letter of your last name
  • ####### Represents your 7-digit Colleague ID #

Example password for John Doe, with Colleague ID of (0000001): password: jD0000001

If they will be logging in off-site for the first time, please direct them to the myCCAC portal at my.ccac.edu to sign in there. It will provide a similar prompt to change the password. 


Accessing and Logging In

Single Sign-On (SSO)

CCAC uses single sign-on for almost all of our applications. Single sign-on is an authentication system that allows you to log in with your CCAC NetID account to most of the CCAC applications and systems. Single sign-on allows you to log in once and access services without re-entering authentication factors. 


When logging into an application look for a button that says “Single Sign-On” or “SSO”, then you will be taken to our SSO sign on page.


DUO - Two Factor Authentication Setup

Duo is our two factor authentication system. For an added layer of security, you will use Duo to confirm that you are logging into your account.


Setting up Two-Factor Authentication with Duo Mobile 

Before you begin

  • You will need to download the Duo Mobile app to your Smartphone - Downloading Duo Mobile - Community College of Allegheny County
  • Check your CCAC email for a Duo Security Enrollment email
    • If you did not receive the email, contact the ITS ServiceDesk
  • It is easier to setup Duo from a larger screen, such as a Desktop, Laptop or large screen tablet.

  1. Open the Duo Security Enrollment email
  2. Click the activation link.
  3. A webpage will open, click Start setup button to begin enrolling your device
  4. Select the type of device you’d like to enroll and click Continue button 
  5. Select your country from the drop-down list and enter your phone number. Use the number of your cell phone that you will have with you when you’re logging in.  Then, double-check that you entered it correctly, check the box, and click the Continue button
  6. Choose your device’s operating system and click the Continue button. 
  7. After installing the app, return to the enrollment window and click I have Duo Mobile installed button
  8. On your iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone, activate Duo Mobile by scanning the barcode with the app’s built-in scanner. If the barcode is scanned correctly, click the Continue button 
    1. Follow the platform specific instructions for your device for scanning the barcode. 
    2. If you cannot scan the barcode, have an activation link emailed to you and follow the prompts
  9. Enabling automatic push requests by selecting Automatically send this device a Duo Push
    • With one of the automatic options enabled, Duo automatically sends an authentication request via push notification to the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone
  10. Your device is now ready for Duo use!



Office Equipment

View the Standard Office Equipment and Technology Standards



As a new employee, you will be assigned a CCAC Laptop. You will need to sign the laptop agreement to use your CCAC provided laptop. You will log into the PC using your CCAC NetID account. 


Turning your Laptop on using the Power Button

  1. With the laptop open, locate the power button
  2. Press the power button for 2 seconds
  3. The power button will become white, the Windows logo will appear on the screen and the laptop will begin to start up

Best Practice

At the End of Your Shift, restart (not shutdown) your PC at the end of your shift. Restarting your PC will allow it to delete the stored memory, etc. within Windows. Also, our systems will install updates and patches to your device while no one is logged in. If you are logged in, the system will not do updates. 


Docking Station

Connecting your Laptop to a Docking Station for the First Time



If you travel between the various campuses and attempt to connect your laptop to a docking station that you have not previously used, you will need to adjust your computer settings to allow your PC to connect to the dock.

You may need to follow these steps for each new docking station that you connect to.

1. In the Windows startup menu, search for Thunderbolt

2. Click Open3. Click on the Connection Status to adjust the settings

4. Make sure that Always Connect is selected for the Thunderbolt Cable

5. Make sure that Always Connect is selected for the Thunderbolt Dock

6. Click OK to apply the changes

Reconnecting your Laptop to your Docking Station


If this is the first time using the docking station you will need to approve it, click here for directions

Laptop is Off

  1. Plug the docking station cable into the laptop
  2. Press the power button on the docking station
  3. The laptop will turn on (this may take up to 20 seconds)



Laptop is On

  1. Plug the docking station cable into the laptop
  2. The laptop will begin to recognize the devices attached to the docking station (this may take up to 10 seconds)


Desk Phone and Voicemail

Many frequently asked questions about your desk phone can be found here: Desk Phone List of Articles

Many frequently asked questions about your voicemail can be found here: Voicemail List of Articles

Setting up your voicemail

Setting up a voicemail

Voicemail Password Criteria

  • Must be 5 or more digits long
  • Cannot be a numerical patter for example: 5678 or 5555
  • Cannot be your PIN number cannot be 2580
  • Cannot be something you used in the past
If you get invalid PIN number when resetting, try a different combination

Office Desk Phone

  1. Press the Messages Key
  2. You will be prompted to enter your PIN, 1234 and then #
  3. You will be asked to record your name, greeting, and to change your PIN
  4. Your greeting and PIN number are now setup

Off Campus

  1. Dial your 10 digit office number
  2. Press * when you hear your voicemail message begin to play
  3. Enter your 4 digit extension
  4. You will be prompted to enter your PIN, 1234 and then #
  5. You will be asked to record your name, greeting, and to change your PIN
  6. Your greeting and PIN number are now setup



Many frequently asked questions about your desk phone can be found here: Printing (Print Management) List of Articles

User Guide for Print Management

Printing From A CCAC Computer


  1. Click File
  2. Click Print
  3. Select Printer in the drop-down
    1. CCAC-Black-and-White on printers.ccac.org
    2. CCAC-Color on printers.ccac.org
    3. CCAC-Booklet-Color on printers.ccac.org (only certain users will see this option)
  4. Adjust other printer settings to your needs
  5. Click Print 
    1. After clicking print, your print job will be in a queue
    2. You will have to physically walk to the printer to release the job 


  1. Click on the printer icon
  2. Select Printer in the drop-down
    1. CCAC-Black-and-White on printers.ccac.org
    2. CCAC-Color on printers.ccac.org
    3. CCAC-Booklet-Color on printers.ccac.org (only certain users will see this option)
  3. Adjust other printer settings to your needs
  4. Click Print 
    1. After clicking print, your print job will be in a queue
    2. You will have to physically walk to the printer to release the job 



Saving Files

CCAC Laptops are owned and managed by CCAC. Data should never be stored on the physical device, see below on when and where to store files and information. CCAC ITS department has developed an upgrade cycle for devices. This means ITS will replace your device, it is not guaranteed all files will import onto the new device. If the device is failing or should need to be restored to the CCAC base image, your files will not be recovered. 


Personal Information

CCAC Laptops are owned and managed by CCAC. You should never store personal information, log into personal accounts or connect and sync your personal accounts to a CCAC device. 


Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Compliance

Due to Personal Identifiable Information (Any representation of information that permits the identity of an individual to whom the information applies to be reasonably inferred by either direct or indirect means) all information related to CCAC should be stored on a CCAC approved storage system.



Saving to OneDrive (Personal Files)

Saving Files while Working on CCAC Computers



Please do not save any files directly onto CCAC resource room computers. The ITS department instead recommends utilizing OneDrive or a personal USB storage device. CCAC cannot guarantee the availability or security of these files. Student computers are very frequently wiped, replaced, or in use by others. In these situations, data is never backed up and will be deleted with no possibility for recovery.

Please save all necessary files to your OneDrive or a personal external USB flash drive.



OneDrive provides 1TB of cloud storage to all CCAC students. For instructions on accessing your OneDrive, please click here: 


For instructions on saving files to your OneDrive, please click here: 


PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to manually save all necessary files to your OneDrive. Do not rely on any OneDrive automatic synchronization services, as these have been known to fail.

Saving to a SharePoint Site (Department Site)

Adding Files to SharePoint Team Site Libraries


There are a few ways to add files to a SharePoint Team Site Library:

Upload Button

1. Upload a file by using the Upload button

 2. Select Files

3. Find your file and click on it

4. The name of the selected file will show in the File name: box and click Open 

5. The file is now in the library


Drag and Drop

  1. With the document library open, Open the file explorer

  2. Minimize the file explorer window so that you can see both the file explorer window and the document library at the same time
  3. Click and hold down the mouse button on the document you want to move to SharePoint
  4. Continue holding down the mouse button as you drag the image to the document library area and it shows a gray line around the edge of the Document library section.
  5. Let go of the mouse button and the document will be located in the document library

Create a New Document

  1. Click New
  2. Select the type of file you want to create

  3. Create the document

  4. You can name the document by clicking Document in the upper left corner

  5. Where a box pops up for you to enter the File Name and press Enter and Close the tab
  6. The document is automatically saved and is now in your document library


Videos should be stored on CCAC Video account or on CCAC's Panopto Server



Working Remotely From Home

2.0Mbps - 4.0Mbps 

Check Your Bandwidth 


Best Practice

The day before you are going to work from home, connect to the VPN while on campus. This will ensure your software is up to date, and Global Protect has the correct settings and you have access. 



Connecting to the VPN using GlobalProtect

CCAC Laptops

Already have GlobalProtect is installed. 

Non-CCAC Laptops 

This article should be used AFTER you have installed and setup the VPN software for the first time. Click here for the Install and Setup article



  1. Locate the GlobalProtect icon in the system tray - you may need full open the system tray to see the icon using the ^
    • If not in the system tray, look in the program list under “Palo Alto Networks”  
  1. Click on the globe and a window will appear
  1. Click the Connect button
    1. VPN Connection will initiate
    2. This should open a new window to the CCAC SSO Login Screen
  2. Log in using your CCAC Username and Password
  1. Authenticate using the Two-Factor Authentication

  1. GlobalProtect will begin connecting
  2. You will see “Connected” once GlobalProtect fully connects to the VPN."


Once Connected 

It may take up to a 2 minutes, before your device can reach CCAC systems. You may need to close or refresh your window /application to log in or gain access. 



Ensure you are connected

You can always click on the GlobalProtect icon in the System tray to see if you are still connected.






CCAC will provide you with a CCAC email address. Typically, it will be your NetIDusername@ccac.edu.

Setting up and Accessing your email through Outlook

Windows Computer

CCAC Device

  1. Open the Outlook Application
  2. Make sure your CCAC email is correct
  3. Click the Connect button
  4. Chose Exchange
  5. Uncheck Set up Outlook Mobile on my phone, too
  6. Click the OK button
  7. Your email will begin to load

Mac Computer

  1. Navigate to the Launchpad
  2. Locate the Outlook App and double-click to open
  3. Sign in using your CCAC email
  4. Enter your CCAC Password and click Sign in
  5. Authenticate on DUO mobile App and Approve
  6. Click "Yes, this is my device"
  7. Select personal preferences and click Continue
  8. Outlook setup is now complete

Browser / OWA

When to use this option

  • If you are at home/ public area
  • On a CCAC Classroom/Lab computer
  1. Navigate to https://outlook.ccac.edu/
  2. Log in using your CCAC Username and Password
  3. Click the Sign In button
  4. If it is your first time accessing it, you may need to choose your time zone: Eastern Standard Time
  5. Your inbox will load


iPhone / iPad

Screenshots were taken on iOS 14.0

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Search "Microsoft Outlook"
  3. Tap the Get button
  4. Open the App
  5. Enter your CCAC email address
  6. Click the Add Account button
  7. Enter your Password
  8. Enter a Description
    "CCAC Email" is suggested
  9. Tap the Sign In button
  10. Choose to Add another email account or Maybe Later 
  11. Your email will begin to download


Screenshots were taken on Android 9.0

  1. Open the Play Store
  2. Search "Microsoft Outlook"
  3. Tap the Install button
  4. Open the App
  5. Enter your CCAC email address
  6. Click the Continue button
  7. Enter your Password
  8. Enter a Description
    "CCAC Email" is suggested
  9. Tap the Sign In button
  10. Choose to Add another email account or Maybe Later 
  11. Your email will begin to download




Webex is our communication for instant messaging and quick chat communications. It is also a “soft phone” or a virtual phone to receive phone calls on your laptop. Webex should already be installed on your PC and you will log in using your CCAC email address. 

Learn more about Webex



Zoom is our video conferencing communication tool. Your desk monitor should have a webcam built into the top of the monitor.

Learn more about Zoom


You will need to create your Zoom account

Creating a CCAC Zoom Account

Before you begin

You have an active CCAC Username (NetID) and Password

  1. Go to https://ccac.zoom.us/
  2. Click the Create button
  3. Enter your CCAC NetID Username and Password
  4. Click the Sign In button
  5. Your account has now been created!

Then you will need to sign into Zoom with your Account

Signing into Zoom with your CCAC Zoom Account

Before you begin

Zoom Application (Computer/Laptop)

  1. Open the Zoom Application
  2. Choose the Sign In with SSO
  3. Type "CCAC" in the company domain field, click the Continue button
  4. CCAC's SSO screen will appear
  5. Enter your CCAC Username and Password
  6. Click the Sign In button

Smartphone App

Example Information

This example was done on an iOS/Apple Device. However, the directions will be similar to an Android or other device. 

  1. Open the Zoom App
  2. Choose Sign In option
  3. Choose SSO Option
  4. Type "CCAC" in the company domain field, click the Go button
  5. Enter your CCAC Username and Password
  6. Click the Sign In button


  1. Go to https://ccac.zoom.us/
  2. Choose the Sign in button
  3. Enter your CCAC Username and Password
  4. Click the Sign In button

Adding Another Account


If you have a personal Zoom account and already logged in or logged in as a guest, you can add your CCAC account to the Zoom application. 

  1. Click the Profile Picture
  2. Click Add Account
  3. Choose the Sign In with SSO
  4. Type "CCAC" in the company domain field, click the Continue button
  5. CCAC's SSO screen will appear
  6. Enter your CCAC Username and Password
  7. Click the Sign In button



CCAC has many applications that make the college work as a whole; your department may use a specific application or a specific part of the application. You will need to work with your supervisor to learn specifically how your department uses the application. You can use the Help Center to find a quick how to guide or the Learning Communities to learn about a whole application. 

View the list of CCAC supported Software & Applications


Most Used Applications

CCAC's ERP Software


CCAC's Student  
Advising Software


Online Forms


Perceptive Content 
Virtual Filing and Workflow

Ellucian (Colleague)


Navigate Student - Apps on Google Play




Perceptive Experience - Apps on Google Play

See Help Center Articles


See Help Center Articles


See Help Center Articles


See Help Center Articles


Training and Cyber Security

Locating the New Hire Trainings

Don't forget to log into the CCAC Learning Communities to see your assigned trainings. Your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources will be able to assist you with what trainings need to be completed. You can access these by going to the “Learner Home” or your “Transcript” and filtering what is due.

Logging into the Learning Communities

  1. Navigate to the CCAC Learning Communities
  2. Enter your CCAC Username and password
  3. Click the Sign in button
  4. You will be taken to the Learning Communities home page

Cyber Security Trainings

Your Cybersecurity Training

Accessing your Training through KnowBe4

  1. Login to https://training.knowbe4.com/ui/login 
  2. Enter your CCAC email address
  3. Click Next
    1. This will take you to our CCAC Single Sign-On (SSO) page
  4. Enter your CCAC NetID and password
  5. Click Sign-in
  6. Follow the prompts to tour the application (Optional)


  7. Once you tour the application or skip the tour, you will see the trainings that have been assigned
    1. If you don't have any assigned trainings, you will see a message stating that. 

Training Timeframe



Cyber Security Training will be delivered three times per calendar year (Spring, Summer, and Fall). 10-month faculty will only be required to take the Spring and Fall training. All other employees must complete all three training within the established timeframes.

We appreciate the college community's participation in this mandatory training. Your involvement helps to continuously minimize the risks to our institution and ensure we meet our compliance requirements. Please take a look at the schedule below and the process overview for more information.

Start Date End Date Deactivation Date if not Completed
February 26th April 1st April 8th
June 3rd July 12th July 19th
September 9th October 18th October 25th




Need ITS Help or Assistance

Contact the ITS ServiceDesk. We will create a ticket for your request or problem that is then assigned to the correct team to assist you. The ticket is trackable through the supportal and you are also able to leave notes, check the status, close the ticket and see past resolutions. 

Call: If there is an emergency and needs immediate assistance   
Chat: If the situation can be addressed via chat or a quick conversation   
Email: If the situation can wait an hour or two. Provide full screen screenshots if possible. 

Supportal: Is a central hub, to request or submit a ticket. It also allows you to view the ticket's status, owner, etc. It will also allow you to reply and add other users to your ticket. To access the Supportal: https://ccac.freshservice.com/support/home

Contact the ITS ServiceDesk