For help utilizing the technology within the Boyce Campus Auditorium.  Please note that these instructions are only for Quick Set mode, which is designed for self-service.  If you require the use of full system mode, please contact the ITS ServiceDesk to schedule a support call.

Power & Setup

Turning on Equipment 

  1. Locate the touch panel on the stage, behind the curtain
  2. If the system doesn't awake, tap the screen
  3. Press the logo to start the system
  4. The system will begin turning on
  5. Select the blue “Quick Set Mode” option
  6. The following options appear

Turning off Equipment

  1. Locate the touch panel 
  2. If the system doesn't awake, tap the screen
  3. Tap the red power button in the bottom right of the screen
  4. Confirm you want to shut down by clicking the Yes button
  5. The system will begin shutting down.  This will shut down the projector and ensure the screen returns to the upright position


Connect to Lectern Input

  1. Connect your laptop as pictured
    1. If you are using a CCAC computer, plug HDMI cable and network cable in to your CCAC laptop
    2. If you are a guest of the college, plug only the HDMI cable into your laptop

Turning on Projector

  1. Press the projector button
  2. Press the Projector on button
  3. Press the Down Stage HDMI button
  4. If you need to lower or raise the screen, press the screen buttons
  5. Note that “Projector Image Blank” will black out the projector screen, but leaves it on
  6. Note that all other “Projector Input” options are for ITS use only at this time


Adjusting Volume - Microphones

  1. Press the microphone icon.  You will see the following options
    1. RF Mic 1 & RF Mic 2 control the handheld microphones
    2. Mic 5 controls the microphone on the lectern.  
    3. Program Audio controls the volume from your laptop
    4. Choose the △ button to make the volume louder
    5. Choose the ▽ button to make the volume softer
    6. Choose the Mute button to mute the sound
    7. Note that all other options are for full-service mode

Audio Control Button

  1. Here is where you can adjust the individual volume of each input, this will include the HDMI input and Microphones

Equipment List

Equipment Information



  • Both located on the stage 


  • Lectern Microphone always plugged in
  • HDMI Cable available on the side table, ready for use
  • Ethernet (Internet/Network) Cable available on the side table, ready for use



  • Wired Lectern Mic: Located on the lectern for Quick Set Mode only
  • Wireless handheld microphones are located backstage in an AV box


  • 1 Gooseneck Microphone
  • 2 Handheld Microphones

Touch Panel


  • Left side of the auditorium wall, behind the stage curtain  


  • Auto awakes
  • Allows you to control the projector/video and microphones & input/audio
  • Controls to power off the system