For ProctorU students: Your Quiz, Test, or Exam with ProctorU will use one of three ProctorU test options. Please check with your instructor and take the required steps to be ready.


Contact your Instructor and ask which one of the following three proctoring services will be used for your quiz, test, or exam.

Record+ - exams are recorded without a live proctor.  Students do not schedule Record+ exams in advanced.  Follow your instructor’s directions within your Blackboard course site

Live+ - exams are recorded and a live proctor is present throughout the exam.  Live+ exams must be scheduled by the student at least 72 hours in advance and according to the instructor’s directions

Review+ - exams are recorded and a live proctor is present to confirm the student’s identity prior to the start of the exam only.  Review+ exams must be scheduled by the student at least 72 hours in advance and according to the instructor’s directions in the Blackboard course site

Before you begin the ProctorU preparation steps below, please note:

  • ProctorU does not support devices such as phones and tablets
  • ChromeBooks are supported for Record+ exams only (see above). ProctorU extension download required.
  • ChromeBooks are not supported for live proctoring (Live+ and Review+)
  • All quizzes, tests, and exams require a computer with a camera and microphone and the Guardian browser (details below)

Students Preparation Steps for ProctorU Setup:

  1. Create a ProctorU Account:
    • Complete all required information on the account setup page before submitting your request
    • Remember your ProctorU username and password for possible future use
    • To create your ProctorU Account, click this link  - While creating your account select CCAC as your Institution’s name from the dropdown menu
  2. Download the Guardian Browser:
    • To use ProctorU you must download the Guardian Browser and use it to access each quiz, test, and exam
    • Click here to download the Guardian browser
      Note: Administrator Access for your computer is required to install the browser. Click here for the full list of requirements.
  3. Test your equipment:
    • View the minimum requirements. All CCAC students will download and use the ProctorU Guardian Browser (see Step 2 above)
    • Test your equipment before exam day in an environment that is identical to or close to the location where you are planning to take your exam
    • Click here to login to your ProctorU account and test your equipment
  4. Live proctoring required?  If your quiz, test, or exam will have a live proctor (Live+ or Review+) you will need to schedule a time 72 hours in advance to ensure successful scheduling
    • Login to ProctorU and click ‘Schedule New Session’ button
    • Confirm CCAC as the institution, enter the current term, and the exam name before clicking ‘Search Sessions
    • Use the calendar and clock on the left to select your desired test date and time (link for video below)

Exam Day:  Prepare for the day of your quiz, test, or exam by also doing the following (see video links below)

  • Test in a private, well-lit room with no one else present
  • Close all programs on your computer except Guardian Browser and unplug any secondary monitors
  • Have you CCAC or government-issued photo ID ready
  • Remove any non-religious head coverings, watches, earbuds, and headphones
  • Clear your workspace of all materials except those allowed by your instructor
  • Ensure your computer passes the equipment test and the Guardian Secure Browser is installed

Video links:

Record+ Student Experience Video

Live+ and Review+ Student Experience Video

How do I schedule my exam?

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