Using ProctorU Guardian Browser

For all students using the ProctorU Guardian Browser this article describes how to create a ProctorU account and download the required browser in preparation for course exams.


Things to Know Before Getting Started

ProctorU has several proctoring methods from which your instructor can choose. The main difference for students is whether or not a live human proctor takes you through the exam launch process.


For each proctoring method the system will walk you through everything you need to do in an easy step-by-step process. This article will walk you through the differences below where applicable. 


If you know which proctoring method your instructor is using, there are student resource centers for the live proctor experience and the automated proctor experience, which outline much of the information you’ll read below.


For all methods, complete the following steps well before exam day

  1. Sign Up: Create a test-taker ProctorU account.
  2. Download the Guardian Browser: Make sure you download and use the Guardian browser for all proctoring methods download the Guardian browser.
  3. Live Proctoring Scheduling: If you will have a live human-proctored exam launch, you’ll need to schedule your exam.
    • Automated Proctoring: If your exam launch will be automated, you do not need to schedule an appointment and may take your exam at the days/times designated by your instructor through the Guarding browser and Blackboard.
  4. Check Your Equipment: Test your equipment to make sure your system is compatible with ProctorU. See a full list of requirements.
  5. Find an acceptable space to take your exam: The environment needs to be quiet, well-lit, and away from other people. The workspace area needs to be free of any materials not allowed on the exam. Using a hard surface for a workspace rather than a bed or couch is required.
  6. Become familiar with materials allowed/needed for your exam: Review the full list of materials allowed/ needed for your exam and what ProctorU requires as well as a note about resources permitted by your instructor or exam facilitator.
  7. Coordinate accommodations with your instructor or exam facilitator: If you require any special accommodations such as additional time, additional breaks, etc., you’ll need to follow these guidelines prior to your exam day.

Preparing for your Session

  1. Remove all unpermitted resources. Your work area should be cleared off, and non-affixed items should be removed before connecting to your proctor. For more information on testing areas, navigate to Unpermitted Testing Locations.
  2. Have your permitted resources within arm’s reach.
  3. If using a laptop, make sure the charger is plugged in.
  4. Take a washroom break before the exam if needed. Many testing organizations do not allow breaks during the exam.

In-Exam Interruptions (for Live+ method):

While ProctorU strives to minimize interruptions during the exam, proctors may need to intervene during testing. Reasons for interruptions include but are not limited to:

  • Technical issues such as connection or video feed loss
  • Speaking/reading out loud
  • Out of proper camera angle
  • Another person enters your testing area
  • Additional camera pan
  • Suspected academic integrity breach

Best Practices

  • Download the Guardian Browser before exam day
  • Candidates should restart their computers before the exam to ensure all unpermitted applications are closed and to free up space on their computers.
  • If Possible, use a hardwired internet connection and ensure laptops are plugged into a power source

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