ProctorU informational website and online proctoring applications comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ProctorU indicates their products and support resources have been developed using accessibility best practice guidelines and have been tested with various assistive technology products to ensure the best possible experience for all users. 


ProctorU's online proctoring platform offers the following Assistive Features:

  • UI/UX changes (font size, layout, color contrast)
  • Accommodation fields (UI and API based)
  • Alternative access / Live guidance and assistance
  • Custom user flow tailored to the accommodation
  • Optical Magnifier support
  • All ProctorU support videos include captions and SRT files can be provided

Supported Screen Reader Technology:  ProctorU indicates their online proctoring platform supports the use of the following:

  • JAWS Screen Reading Software
  • VoiceOver on Mac OS
  • Narrator for Windows
  • At this time, Kurzweil On The Web is not supported. Kurzweil program installed on the computer may be an alternative if possible
  • Any browser extension-based applications will not be support

ProctorU Common Accommodations and Process Exceptions with advance notice from the student to the course instructor:

Examples of standard accommodations include:

  • Extra time - Must be enforced by the Learning Management System or Exam Driver.
  • Text to speech programs (Officially supported: JAWS; VoiceOver for Mac and Narrator for Windows; ask about additional programs supported); (extension-based applications will not be supported)
  • Speech to text programs (extension-based applications will not be supported)
  • Screen Magnifier (extension-based applications will not be supported)
  • Additional Breaks
  • Human assistant during exam

Common Process Exceptions that the student should inform their instructor about:

  • Speaking/Reading aloud
  • Use of headphones
  • Food permitted
  • An alternate form of identification

Students may also want to inform their instructor of any of the following accommodations if possible:

  • Use of Medication
  • Drinks
  • Service Animals
  • Face mask (due to the current Pandemic). This will be temporarily removed to validate identity but then can be worn during the exam.