Step 1: Self-Identify, Complete the Initial Request for Accommodations Form & Provide Documentation

Students with disabilities must self-identify by completing the Initial Request for Accommodations Form.  This form provides our office with the necessary information related to your disability and will ask you to include your documentation.  Documentation requirements can be found on the Documentation Requirements page. If you do not have documentation or are not sure how to obtain this information, you can call the Disability Resources and Services Office, or you may ask this question at the intake appointment.

Step 2: Intake Appointment / Interview

Once your Initial Request for Accommodation Form is completed and the required documentation is received, you will be contacted to schedule an intake appointment with a Director in Disability Resources and Services. At the intake appointment, the student and the Director will discuss functional limitations related to the disability from the student’s perspective and as outlined in the information provided.  Historical accommodations will also be reviewed. Through this interactive process, the Director and the student will evaluate requested accommodations and determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations.

For more information on how to request an appointment in Accommodate, please click here.

Step 3: Login to Accommodate

Accommodate is the portal that Disability Resources and Services uses to give you access to your accommodation information which allows you to do semester requests for accommodation letters as well as to schedule appointments with our office.  To log in, go to the Accommodate website (select “student”).  You will then be prompted to log in with your CCAC Net ID and password.

Step 4: Review your accommodations & complete your semester request

Once in Accommodate, be sure to review your accommodations and complete your semester request.  Each semester you must log in to Accommodate to complete a semester requires and have your accommodation letters sent to your faculty. Once your request is completed, you will get a message via Accommodate to log in and sign your letters.

For more information on how to make a semester request, please click here.

Step 5: Sign your letters

Once your semester request is received and processed, you will get a message via Accommodate to log in and sign your letters.