The Disability Resources and Services for Students office has implemented an accommodation management platform called Accommodate. Your Accommodate portal will house important information about your accommodations. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to access and navigate your Accommodate portal.

Registering with the Disability Resources and Services office

Accessing Accommodate

  • Once registered with the office, you can log-in to Accommodate at 
  • Select “Student”
  • Once you select Student, you will be prompted to login with your CCAC single sign-on NetID username and Password
  •  After you logging-in, you will be directed to the Accommodate main “Home” page


Signing Your Accommodation Letter 

  • To access your accommodation letters, click "Accommodation" and then "Accommodation Letters" 
  • Click "Disability Certification"
  • Scroll to the bottom of the letter 
  • Type your name in the Signature box
  • Click Save to officially sign your accommodation letter

Viewing Your Original Accessibility Request

  • To view your original accessibility request, select “Accommodation” and then “Accessibility Request”


Viewing Your Accommodation Letters

  • To view your accommodation letters, select “Accommodation” then “Accommodation Letters” and then “Disability Certification”
  • Once the letter is open, you have the option to print or generate a PDF of the accommodation letter
  • To return to the full list, select “Return to List (Accommodation)”


Requesting Your Accommodation Letters for the New Semester

  • To request your Accommodation Letter, select “Accommodation” then “Semester Request” and then “Add New”
  • Select the semester from the dropdown list and then choose “Submit For All Accommodations” or “Review the Renewal” to select specific accommodations and courses
  • Submit For All Accommodations will renew all of your accommodations for all of your courses.

  • Review the Renewal will allow you to choose what accommodation you would like to use for each class
  • Select the Submit button after you fill out the required information

Click here to see how to make a semester request in Accommodate!


Requesting New or Changes to your Accommodations

  • To submit a request for a change in, or additional, accommodations, select “Accommodation” then “Supplemental Request” and then “Add New”

  • Fill out the Accessibility Accommodation Request and select “Submit” when completed


Requesting a New Appointment

  • To request an appointment with a Disability Resources and Services staff member, select “Appointment Request” then “Request New Appointment”
  • Fill out the specific appointment details and select “Check Availability” to see a list of available appointments, campus locations, and times
  • Click on the desired appointment on the right and for the Confirm Appointment screen

  • If the appointment details are correct, select “Submit Request

Click here to see how to request an appointment in Accommodate!


Uploading Documents

  • To upload a new document, select “Documents” then “Add New Accessibility Document”


Disability Resources and Services Resources

  • To view resources uploaded by Disability Resources and Services, select “Resources” then “Resource Library”


Your Profile

  • By selecting “Profile” on the homepage you can view and edit your account details


Request Information or Assistance