English as a Second Language (ESL) Students

Do not continue - Follow these instructions - Taking the EAL / ESL English Language Placement Testing‍ 


Study Material for the Placement Test

You can find study materials and also practice tests at https://accuplacer.colleg...

You can find study materials and also practice tests at https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/students/prepare-for-accuplacer/practice


You will receive an email with the links (unique to you) and directions to take the placement test. 


If You are Registered for Both Math and Reading Test

Once you complete the one test, the next will begin. You do not need to switch or close the browser.


CCAC uses ACCUPLACER to place students into the correct Math and Reading courses. These tests are proctored through a company called Examity. Your test session will be recorded and reviewed by your institution for academic integrity purposes.

Before You Begin

You will need to:

  1. Locate the email with the subject “Remote Voucher Notification”
  2. Within the email, locate the voucher code under the “Voucher Information” section - midway in email.
  3. From a web browser, log into the Examity's dashboard, use the information you used for creating your Examity Account.  
  4. On the dashboard, click “Enter Your Code +” button
  5. Enter the Voucher code (from the “Remote Voucher Notification” email) into the code box
  6. Click the “Submit” button
  7. You will success screen
  8. Click the “Close” button
  9. On the Examity dashboard, click the “Start Exam” button
  10. The screen will ask you to add the Examity Extension
  11. Click the "Add Extension" button
  12. A new window will open, click the “Add to Chrome” button
  13. A pop-up will appear, click the “Add Extension” button  
  14. Click the “Grant Exam Permissions” button
  15. From the pop-up, click the “Allow” button
  16. Click the “Grant Extension Permissions” button
  17. From the pop-up, click the “Allow” button
  18. Once everything is approved, click the “Continue” button
  19. Confirm your identity
  20. Click the “Use Photo And Continue” button
  21. Enter the answer to the challenge question
  22. Click the “Next” button
  23. Read the exam rules and guidelines
  24. Scroll to the bottom, click the “I'm Ready” button
  25. Read the user agreement
  26. Click the “I agree And I'm Ready….” button
  27. Click the “Launch” button to begin screensharingIf you have more than one screen, choose the screen that has Examity/ACCUPLACER in the thumbnail
  28. Allow the browser access, click the “Allow” button
  29. Read the Side Bar directions, click the “next” button
  30. Continue reading and click the “Next” buttons until you reach the “Continue To Exam” button, click the button
  31. Read the Privacy Policy
  32. Scroll to the bottom, click the “Accept” button
  33. Click on the down carrot to minimize the proctor window.   
    NOTE: The proctor is still watching
  34. Look over the information on file and make sure that it is correct.   
    If it is not, correct it at this time. 
  35. Once done, and everything is correct on the screen, click the “Save” button
  36. Click the “Next” button
  37. Start the Test/Practice Session, click the "Start Test Session" button
  38. Click the “Accept” button to accept the term
  39. Complete the sample sessions
  40. Once you have finished the sample session questions, the actual test will begin
    • Note the number of questions there are and the amount you have completed
    • If you need more space, you can hide the screen share notification. Click the “Hide” text. Do NOT click the “Stop Sharing” button
  41. Once you have completed the test you will see the banner
  42. Click the “Continue” button
  43. You will be taken to your test results. Click the “OK” button on the browser notification  
    NOTE: Take a screenshot or print the results. CCAC will receive them automatically.  
    Your results will be at the middle of the screen in the “Course Placements” section
  44. Open the proctor window, click on the up carrot
  45. Click the “End Proctoring Session” button
  46. Click the “End Session” button, to close
  47. You can close your browser, you have completed the reading placement test


After Taking the Test

You must wait 24 business hours before continuing to the next step.


Accessing Your Test Scores

If you have already completed the test and received a score(s), you can view the score(s) again by following the directions: Steps to Access Your Test Scores from the Student Portal (collegeboard.org)