• Faculty will begin their class via Zoom as they normally would. 
  • It is recommended faculty access the Zoom link 5 minutes prior to class to allow for Verbit to obtain the API key and get prepared 
  • If using a waiting room, faculty will need to admit Verbit captions into their classroom like any other student

    1. Within the Zoom meeting, click on Closed Captions
      If you do not see Closed Captions, click More then Closed Captions
    2. Click on Copy the API Token
      NOTE: You will see a participant called Verbit Captions within your participant list, this is accurate and is the Verbit live captioner
    3. Paste (CTRL+V) the API token into the Zoom Chat box
    4. Once Verbit captions gets the API, they establish the connection with your class. They may private message you to confirm receipt of the API.