As the speaker you will receive an invitation through email to join the live session 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event starting.

Prior to the beginning of class the student receiving captions for the Live event will have picked up the CART service PC/Mic from Student Support Services. You will need to obtain the mic from the student prior to the start of the event.

1. Remove the mic from the box

2. Log into the computer using your CCAC Username and Password.

  1. Please use this article if you need assistance signing into your CCAC email

3. Attach the USB cable to the docking station4. Attach the other end of the USB cable to your PC

5. Take the mic and clip it to your collar or the provided lanyard

6. Locate the session email from Verbit and click Join

7. Enter your email address

8. Enter your password

9. Click Log in

10. Click on Let’s begin

11. Select Revolabs x Tag from the list of microphones

    a. The input level will fluctuate when you speak. If you do not see the input level responding, ensure that the mic is unmuted by pressing the MUTE button on the font of the mic or the docking station. The indicator light will go from red (muted) to green (unmuted).

12. Click Next

13. Click on the mic icon to start the session

14. Click on the pause icon to pause or stop the session

15. Click on the X in the upper right corner to close out of the browser when the session is over

16. Following the session you will receive an email from Verbit containing a txt file of the transcript that you can open or save