Before you begin


Workflow Process 

Steps 1 -20 must be completed on a laptop or desktop.
Step 21 will be completed on your mobile device.

  1. Go to 
  2. Log into your CCAC account using Single Sign-on
  3. Click the Sign In button
  4. Click the Settings button, in the top right
  5. Click Add a new device option
  6. Click the Call Me button 
  7. Accept the Duo Call on your mobile device
  8. Choose Mobile Phone option
  9. Click the Continue button
  10. Type your mobile phone number
  11. Click the check to replace
  12. Click the Continue button
  13. Choose the Call Me option
  14. Accept the call from your phone and listen for the 6-digit code
  15. Enter the 6-digit code
  16. Click the Verify button
  17. Click the Continue button
  18. Choose your type of phone
  19. Click the Continue button
  20. Scroll down, click the I have Duo Mobile button
  21. Open the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone 
  22. From the smartphone app, click Add Account button
  23. Scan the QR code from the computer monitor
    You may need to allow Duo Camera access on your phone 
  24. There will be a check on the QR code when the authentication is complete
  25. In the Duo Mobile app, your passcode will appear