Voicemail Password Criteria

  • Must be 5 or more digits long
  • Cannot be a numerical patter for example: 5678 or 5555
  • Cannot be your PIN number cannot be 2580
  • Cannot be something you used in the past
If you get invalid PIN number when resetting, try a different combination


You cannot reset a shared voicemail pin. You will need to contact the CCAC's ServiceDesk to do that. 

Before you begin

If you are off campus, you must be on VPN to reset your pin.

  1. Open any web-browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox…ect.) and type in https://ccac.link/reset-voicemail-pin
  2. At the single sign-on page (SSO), type in your CCAC credentials
  3. Click Sign-In 
  4. Enter a New Pin
  5. Re-enter the new pin to confirm
  6. Click save