Indoor Signage Use Case

Indoor signage is a great way to promote or make anyone aware of an event or something taking place at the campus. Indoor signage’s target primary audience is the students, but also for employees and the public. 

Content Guide Per Media Type

Image Content 

  • File Type: PNG, JPEG, HEIC
  • Ratio: 16x9 (Horizontal) - NOT Square or Vertical        
  • Displays Resolution & Dimensions
    • Single Displays (Horizontal): 1920x1080 px @ 300ppi
    • Video Walls (Horizontal): 3840x2160 px @ 300ppi
    • Kiosks (Vertical): 1080x1920 px @ 300ppi
  • Content should take up most of the screen space        
  • Leave space "padding" on the outer border        

Video Content

  • File Type: MP4 
  • Ratio
    • Single Displays: 16x9 (Horizontal)
    • Video Walls: 16x9 (Horizontal)
    • Kiosks: 9x16 (Vertical)
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • Resolution
    • Single Displays: 1920x1080 px @72ppi
    • Video Walls: 3840x2160 px @ 72ppi
    • Kiosks: 1080x1920 px @ 72ppi
  • Less than 20 seconds - 6-10 seconds is the typical length as someone is walking by
  • No Audio - Closed Captions must be used, if people are visibly talking

Standards & ADA Compliance

  • College appropriate - Student/Employee/Visitor/Public Focused
  • CCAC guidelines and image/branding standard
  • Include Contact information, link to webpage for more information, date and time of event      
  • If content groups all locations together, it will be displayed in the college wide screens. Otherwise, if only a specific location is listed, then it be displayed on that location's displays. It is recommended to do per location rather than grouping for more display time and campus awareness. 


Screen Time, Words on Screen, Reading Rate



  • Size: 24px or higher
  • Types: Sans-serif (Arial) fonts are the easiest to read
  • Filled fonts are easier to read than outlines
  • Legibility and Easily Understood - Cursive/Handwritten fonts are hard to read

Closed Captioning

  • Captions should have an accuracy of 99%.
  • Font should be similar to Helvetica
  • Use a white font color on a black background. 
  • Placed in the lower center of the screen but should be moved when important visual elements 
  • Each caption should hold 1-3 lines of text onscreen at a time, and should not exceed 3 lines.
  • Background noises, or non-speech sounds, should be added in square brackets.
  • Captions must be synced with the audio of the programming. 
  • If nothing is spoke/heard, there should be no closed captions on the screen
  • Punctuation and both lower and upper case letters should be used      
    What are closed captions and how do they work?

Color Contrast


QR Codes, Short Links

Creating a QR Code or Short URL

Best Practices

Because QR codes and Short URLs are the actual link, you should be using the full link to that page and not generic. 




QR Codes

What is a QR Code

A QR (Quick Response) code is a type of barcode that can be scanned with a camera. They can be used to quickly share information like URLs, contact information, or even product information. QR codes can be scanned with a variety of apps and devices, making them a versatile tool for sharing information.

When to use a QR code

If you have a sign, flyer, print out, digital signage or other physical media, or where a person can walk up and scan the QR code.

Best Practices for a QR Code

13 QR-Code Usability Guidelines (

How to Create a QR Code


Short URLs

What is a Short URL

A short URL is a type of link that can be used when the URL of a webpage is too long or hard to remember. They can be used to quickly share a link to a webpage. Short URLs can be used in a variety of ways, making them a versatile tool for sharing a webpage.

When to use a Short URL

If you are sending a text message or want to put a link on a flyer or media, and the URL is too long to remember. If the link is to be posted on a webpage, email or other digital for where the link's display text can be customized, you should NOT use a short URL. 

How to Create a Short URL




Formats For Date, Time, Contact Info, Location, Etc.

  • Date: Day Of Week, Month Day - Monday, January 3th
  • Time: 10:00AM - 1:00PM
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: ###-###-####
  • Location: Full Campus or Center Name - Wing or Building - Room Number
    • Example: South Campus - Building B - Room B345

Full Example

Thursday, May 4th     
Allegheny Campus     
PE Building - Room 421     



Templates are videos or an image with editable textboxes to overlay text. This is very helpful when it comes to content that needs quickly edited or constantly updated. Note that the text is static can cannot appear later if a video is used. 



Tips and Other Information

  • Check with someone not familiar with the information to ensure your details are getting across
  • Animate your images in Canva

Best Practices for Digital Signage Video


Approval Process

All content goes through the same approval process. The actual display date may vary from the chosen display date depending on the approval process.

Retention of Material

Content will remain on the display's server 1 month after the end date. The design file will remain 1 year after the end date on the design server.