What is my Academic Record? 

 Once you complete at least one credit course at CCAC, you have a permanent academic record with the College, often this is referred to as your transcript.  Each term, your instructors will post mid-term and final grades.  You are responsible for checking your midterm and final grades since there is a deadline to dispute it before it becomes permanent.  That deadline is eight weeks into the next major semester; this date is listed on the academic calendar as the last day to complete I-grade work.  


How do I check my Midterm and Final grades?

Checking your Grades in CCAC Self-Service



These are the posted grade by your instructor that will be on your transcript. This is not to see individual grades for assignments/quizzes/tests/etc. You will need to ask your instructor for those grades.

  1. From a web browser, go to https://selfservice.ccac.edu/Student/Student/Grades or use the link https://ccac.link/check-grades
  2. Click the semester you want to see the grade
  3. Use the Midterm or Final Grade column(s) to see your grade

How do I dispute a grade?

Follow the Student Academic Complaint procedure in the Student Handbook. All inquiries or complaints about a grade must be submitted before the eighth (8) week of the next major term (April for Fall term or October for Spring/Summer terms.


Who can access my Academic Record?

Your access to your academic records are covered under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Please see Access to Student Records (FERPA) in the Student Handbook for more information.


How can I access my Academic Record/Transcript?

Viewing your Unofficial Transcript

What is an unofficial transcript?

Unofficial transcripts are printed on plain paper and do not have a college seal or registrar's signature. Unofficial transcripts cannot be used to transfer to another college or university. Unofficial transcripts are issued for use by the student only. 
If you need an Official transcript, Requesting an Official transcript Article.  

Current Student

  1. From a web browser, go to https://selfservice.ccac.edu/Student/Student/Transcripts
  2. Click on Undergraduate Transcript
  3. A PDF will be created and downloaded to your device

Former Student

  1. Create a Temporary Former Student Account ‍ 
  2. Go to https://selfservice.ccac.edu/Student/Student/Transcripts
  3. Click on Undergraduate Transcript
  4. A PDF will be created and downloaded to your device


How can I send my Academic Record to another institution?

To send your grades to another institution (for transfer or admissions purposes, you will need to order an Official Transcript.

Requesting an Official Transcript through CCAC Self-Service



This is for article is for current students with an active NetID. If you do not have an active NetID, go to Requesting an Official Transcript through Student Clearing House‍ 

A transcript is a certified record (inventory) of a student throughout a course of study having full enrollment history including all courses (or subjects) attempted, grades earned and degrees and awards conferred.

If you attended CCAC prior to 1975

You can still place the order online, but your transcript will be available in paper format only and may take up to five working days for processing.
Do not submit requests for electronic and/or Express Mail delivery.

Before you begin

If you are submitting the request before the end of the term and grades are posted, choose the option "Hold for Degree" in step 11.

  1. From a web browser, go to https://selfservice.ccac.edu/student
  2. Click on the menu icon the top left-hand side
  3. Expand Academics
  4. Click Official Transcript/Enrollment Verification