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What is Mass Email?Sending a Mass Email

Before you begin

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What is Mass Email?

Mass emails let you communicate to a large group of people using with email addresses. These emails are NOT personalized for each recipient. They are generic and do not need any personalization. You should always use the BCC line when sending mass emails to ensure, replies are only directed to you. 

Sending a Mass Email

List of Emails

  1. From the email profile you want to send the email
  2. Click the New Email button
  3. Click in the Bcc... field
  4. Type or if you have them in a list, paste the email addresses
  5. Make sure everything is correct in the Bcc line
  6. Compose your email
  7. Click the Send button

From a Distribution List

What is a Distribution List?

A distribution list is a group of mail recipients that is addressed as a single recipient. Distribution lists are used to send email to groups of people without having to enter each recipient's individual address.

Where can I find them and what do they look like?

Address Book

You will notice that a distribution list has a group of people  beside the name, where a single email address has one person beside it.

Email to Line

In the email, you will see a this lets you know this is a grouping of email addresses.

  1. From the email profile you want to send the email
  2. Click the New Email button
  3. Click the Bcc... button
  4. Find the list you want to add
  5. Double click the list you want to email
  6. Make sure it is in the Bcc line
  7. Click the OK button
  8. Make sure it is in the Bcc line
  9. Compose your email
  10. Click the Send button

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