How to Join a Waitlist

Want to enroll in a class that is full? When you search the Course Catalog, classes that are waitlisted will be indicated. You can add the section to your schedule.

You may add yourself to a waitlist for most course sections if the section is full. You can elect to waitlist for a section when attempting to register online via Self-Service Plan and Schedule. If you are not able to add yourself to the waitlist, contact an academic advisor or

You may not request to be waitlisted in more than one section of the same course. You may be registered for a different section of the course while you are waiting to gain permission from the waitlist. Expand the View other sections option to see if there are other sections that may meet your needs.

Once you add to the Waitlist, you will see your Rank on the waitlist within Plan and Schedule. You can drop yourself from the waitlist at any time, by clicking on “Drop Waitlist”.

You will not be responsible for paying tuition for waitlisted classes until they actually enroll in the section.


Watch your Personal Email

If a seat becomes available in your waitlisted class, you will receive an email from Registration, which will be sent to your PERSONAL email address.


Managing your Spot on the Waitlist

Permission to Enroll?

If a space opens in the course, the first person on the waitlist will receive an email notifying that a spot has been reserved. This email will be sent to your personal email address, so you should monitor your personal email each day while waitlisted. You may want to check your User Profile to confirm we have your correct email address. Once given permission, you will have until midnight on the following day to enroll in the course; if no action is taken by that deadline, your spot on the waitlist will expire and the next student on the list will be notified with permission to enroll.

Go to Self-Service Plan and Schedule for the term. Find your waitlisted course and click Register if you want to enroll or Drop Waitlist if you are no longer interested. We encourage you to take action as soon as possible; if you choose the Drop from the Waitlist, the next student in line will be provided permission to enroll more quickly.

If you Register, check the upper right corner for error messages and/or the status of the course section on your planned courses. If you are not eligible to register online (new students, probation/ suspension, etc.), you will need to call, email or meet with an academic advisor to make changes to the waitlist or enroll when notified and given permission.

As soon as your register, you will be responsible for paying tuition for the course, according to CCAC Payment schedule.

Has class already started?

If class has already started, during the Add Period, you will also need to seek permission from the instructor to add the class. When you attempt to register during the Add period, the message will prompt you to contact the instructor to request an add authorization. Please email the instructor who can issue the “Add Authorization” so you can then register.

No longer interested in this Waitlisted course?

Go to Self-Service Plan and Schedule for the term. Click “Drop Waitlist” to give other students the opportunity to enroll.


Registering for an Alternative Section

If you don't think you'll get permission to enroll, we encourage you to select another section of the course.

    1. Go to the Schedule tab.
    2. Find the waitlisted course-section shown above. Click on “View other sections”.
    3. Find a section that is available and fits your schedule; select the section and “Add Section” to plan.
    4. Don’t forget to hit the Register button to complete the transaction!! You will receive an email confirmation of your schedule on the day AFTER you register.
    5. If you have registered for the alternative and don't wish to remain on the waitlist, please click "Drop Waitlist".
Need Assistance? Contact Advising.