A Poll Everywhere ‘Activity’ is a single question or prompt you pose to your audience. Activities allow presenters to gather responses or questions from the audience. 

  1. Open up a browser, and navigate to the Poll Everywhere website
    1. The URL is www.polleverywhere.com 
  2. Sign-in to the CCAC SSO page using your CCAC credentials
  3. Click Activities on the home page
  4. Click Activity on the Activities page
    1. A new window will appear with the different types of activities available
  5.  Select the type of activityyou want to perform (Click here for a more on types of activates)
    1. Multiple Choice
    2. Word Cloud
    3.  Q&A
    4. Clickable Image
    5. Survey (used for multiple activities) 
    6. Open-Ended
    7. Competition 
    8. More
  6. Once you add your activity, click the Create button
    1. A window will appear with your activity appearing
  7. Configure your activity options
  8. Click the Activate or Present button
  9. Give the URL or Text Message information for individuals to participate 
  10. Once the activity is complete, click the Deactivate 
    1. This will end the ability to respond to the activity