Shop By Courses

  1. Go to
  2. Click to Enter Courses button
  3. Select the Campus associated with your section number 
    1. Example: BC71 is Boyce Campus
      1. AL is Allegheny
      2. BC is Boyce
      3. BH is South
      4. HB is Allegheny
      5. NC is North 
      6. SC is South 
      7. WH is West Hills- Must order books from North Campus Location
      8. Z is Online 
        1. ALL Z section books are also available (in small quantities) at the Allegheny Campus Bookstore on your schedule
  4. Select the Department
    1. Example: DVS is Developmental Studies
  5. Select the Course
  6. Select the Section
  7. Add all of your courses, repeating steps 4-6
  8. Click the Find Materials for Course button
  9. Select the books and materials you want
    1. Be aware, books and materials are listed as Required/Recommended and Used/New/Digital
  10. Click Add Items to Bag button
  11. Click View Bag & Checkout button or Continue Shopping button
  12. Click the Checkout button
  13. Sign In or Create an Account
  14. Choose a Pick Up Method
  15. Select a Payment Method
  16. Accept the Rental Agreement

From CCAC Self-Service



You will need to go back and forth from the tabs to pull each course's material list. 

  1. From a web browser, go to
  2. Click Timeline
  3. Click the course you want to know more about
  4. A window will appear with the class information
  5. Click the link Bookstore Information
  6. The bookstore will open in a new tab
  1. Click the CHECK AVAILABILITY button
  2. Click the + to expand the material you want to buy
  3. Click the check box under the Buy section
  4. Click Add Items to Bag button
  5. Click View Bag & Checkout button or Continue Shopping button
  6. Click the Checkout button
  7. Sign In or Create an Account
  8. Choose a Pick Up Method
  9. Select a Payment Method
  10. Accept the Rental Agreement

Physical Bookstore

You can go to the campus bookstore to purchase your books for the courses hosted from that campus. Go to to see the date and times of when the bookstore is open. Contact information is also available on this page.  


Don't Forget

Bring your course schedule to easily find your course materials. Viewing a Student Schedule‍ 


Through Blackboard

  1. Log into your Blackboard course
  2. Look for the link "Follett Discover"
  3. Choose the button Launch Follett Discover button
  4. A new webpage may launch, you may need to approve pop-ups. 
  5. Make sure the Term is correct
  6. Click the Purchase All Materials button
  7. The CCAC bookstore will load with your course materials