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What is GoReact?Submitting an Assignment

What is GoReact?

GoReact is a cloud-based video software for providing time-coded feedback, grading, and critique of speeches, presentations, lessons, and performances. This tool for faculty allows students to complete a skills development video assignment using their webcam and microphone. After students submit their video assignments, you can review the video and provide the student written and video-based feedback!
Courses previously thought to require in-person instruction, like public speaking or ASL, can now be effectively taught online. GoReact is great for skills development in the areas of ASL, Communications and Presentations, Nursing Skills development, education, and psychology! Assess students in areas of speech and communication, education, ASL, Nursing, and much more!

Students are given a GoReact assignment in Blackboard, they record themselves using the GoReact software and submit for review. As a faculty member, you review their recording and easily provide feedback.

Submitting an Assignment

  1. Go to Blackboard through the MyCCAC Page.
  2. Go to the assignment in your Blackboard course
  3. Go to your assignment, click the title
    Look for the GoReact Symbol next to the assignment
  4. Click the Start Assignment button
  5. Enter the Title Name 
  6. Enter All who are presenting
  7. Click the Continue button
  8. Choose the option you want to use for recording
    The example will be using Record
  9. Click the CONTINUE TO RECORDER button
  10. Allow access to the Camera in the web browser
  11. Allow access to the Microphonin the web browser
  12. Once the system sees you are ready, click the Continue button
  13. The screen will open full screen, when the system is ready, click the RECORD button
  14. Once completed, click the FINISH button
  15. The video will process, this may take several minutes
  16. Click the Post button to submit your assignment