Why does my calendar need reconnected?

  • You may have recently changed your password and it needs updated in Calendly
  • Your email was migrated to Office 365

  1. Go to https://calendly.com/
  2. Sign into Calendly
    Once you log in, Calendly may prompt you to reconnect, skip to step 7.
  3. From the home screen, click Integrations & apps at the bottom left of the page
  4. Click Calendars
  5. Select Outlook Calendar
  6. Choose the Connect or Reconnect button for Outlook Calendar
  7. Enter your CCAC Email in the Email Address field (if it is already populated select your CCAC account)
  8. Enter your CCAC Password
  9. Click Next
  10. You will see the Duo Push screen notifying you to approve it on your personal device
  11. Select Approve
  12. Click on Trust this browser
  13. Verify that your email is linked (Calendar will display Disconnect if it successfully connected)

Alternative Way - From the Email

  1. If you received an email "Your Calendly page has been temporarily deactivated"
  2. Click the link Log in to reactivate your calendar connection