Please use the following information to contact Examity if you need to report an issue to them. 

  • Contact Examity Support at 855-392-6489 or You can also access Examity help in your Blackboard site and begin a chat session with Examity Support.
  • Find answers in the CCAC Help Center Knowledge Base
  • Use the help built-in to each Blackboard course. To access Examity, click the Examity link in your Blackboard course where you can:
    1. Set up your profile in Examity (takes 10 minutes - see the tutorial video after accessing Examity)
      1. Have your student ID ready to complete your profile
    2. Complete the System Check to make sure your computer is Examity Ready
    3. Access your exams - Use the Examity link in your Blackboard site
    4. Begin exams that utilize automated proctoring
    5. Schedule an appointment for an exam requiring live proctoring
  • Technology Requirements (see full details in the ITS Help Center Knowledge Base)
    • Chrome is the only browser that can be used with Examity
    • PC, Mac, or Chromebook computer (Phones or tablets cannot be used)
    • Computer must have camera and microphone