Before you begin

If your program is not listed, you will need to get the correct program listed to apply for its graduation

  1. From a web browser, go to
  2. Click the Apply link for the program you want to complete the graduation application for
  3. Choose the Graduation Term in which you will be completing the requirements for the degree/certificate/diploma
  4. (Optional) Enter the Preferred Name on Diploma - Diplomas names are restricted to your legal last name and may include either your legal or chosen first name as well as your middle name or initial.
  5. (Optional) Type out the way your name is said phonetically in the Phonetic Spelling field
    This is used when your name is called during graduation -Use to help you
  6. (Optional) Enter your Hometown and State
  7. (Optional) Choose your primary campus location, the campus you have attended the most 
  8. Under Commencement Details, choose the Commencement Site, the campus you have attend the most 
  9. Mark if you will be attending commencement
  10. Confirm or Change where the diploma will be mailed
    1. If you need to change the mail address, fill out the new address information
  11. Enter the number of attending guests 
  12. Choose your Military status from the drop-down menu
  13. Enter any information we would need to accommodate a guest during commencement 
  14. If you need to order a cap and gown, click the link, this will open a new window to the CCAC bookstore 
  15. Click the submit button
  16. It will begin the processing
  17. You will receive confirmation when done 
  18. Your date submitted will be listed


More Information about Graduation

Graduation Webpage (