Before you decide to withdraw from a course

  • If you are using financial aid, it is highly recommended that you speak with the Financial Aid office prior to withdrawing from your class(es).  
  • Did you check with the Dean of Students to see if there is help before you withdraw from the class(es)?

What does "Withdraw" mean?

A withdraw occurs after the drop period ends and there is no refund of tuition or fees.  With a withdrawal, a W notation will appear on your grade report and transcript.  The last day to withdraw will depend on when your class starts. See the student handbook for more information. 

What is "Medical Withdraw"?

A medical withdrawal is defined as a withdrawal from courses for medical reasons. While often this results in a withdrawal from all courses, the Director of Disability Resources and Services in consultation with the student's physician, may determine a student's ability to maintain some courses while withdrawing from others (for example, a student with a broken leg may need to withdraw from a HPE course but could maintain other courses not requiring physical activity; or a student may need to withdraw from courses on campus due to a medical condition but may be able to maintain online learning courses).

Medical withdrawals received before the end of the drop period will result in a drop of courses (no entry on the student's transcript). Medical withdrawals received after the drop deadline until the last day of classes will result in course entries with a "W" grade(s). See the student handbook for more information.


When can I withdraw from a course?

You can find the drop and withdraw dates on the academic calendar for the current semester at 

How do I withdraw from a course?

CCAC Self-Service

On the MyCCAC portal page click on the “view my schedule” icon. You should be in the calendar view of your schedule. On the left side of the page, locate the class that you want to withdraw from. Click on the blue button that says “Accept Terms & Withdraw”. If your button is not blue, you will need to complete the Withdrawal Form found on the CCAC Forms webpage under Registration and Advising Forms