Selective Service

To be eligible to receive Title IV funding, a male student who is subject to registration with the Selective Service must register with the Selective Service. This requirement applies to any person assigned the sex of male at birth.

How the Department of Education reviews the Selective Service process:

  • The Secretary processes a male student's FAFSA, the Secretary determines whether the student is registered with the Selective Service under a data match with the Selective Service.
  • Under the data match, Selective Service reports to the Secretary whether its records indicate that the student is registered, and the Secretary reports the results of the data match to the student and the institution the student is attending.

If the Selective Service does NOT confirm through the data match, that the student is registered, the student can establish that he -

  •  Is registered or can register at the Selective Service Website ( (You may be asked to submit proof of registration to CCAC)
  •  Is not, or was not required to be, registered
  •  Has registered since the submission of the FAFSA

OR meets the conditions below:

  • Is below the age of 18, or was born before January 1, 1960
  • Is enrolled in an officer procurement program the curriculum of which has been approved by the Secretary of Defense at the following institutions: The Citadel, North Georgia College, Norwich University, Virginia Military Institute
  • Is a commissioned officer of the Public Health Service or a member of the Reserve of the Public Health Service who is on active duty as provided in section 6(a)(2) of the Military Selective Service Act

What if you entered the United States after the age of 26?

If you entered the United States after Age 26, you are NOT required to register for Selective Service. Please provide documentation demonstrating your entrance date to the United States as a US Citizen or Eligible Non-citizen. 

  • I-94
  • Permanent Resident Card 
  • Passport

What if you did not register for Selective Service and you are over the age of 26?

An appeal process is available. Appeals are not guaranteed to be approved.

Required Documentation: 

  • Selective Service Status Letter (application at Selective Service) - this may take several weeks to arrive
  • Provide supporting documentation demonstrating why you did not register for Selective Service by age 26.
  • Example: Documentation of Incarceration from ages 18-26+