Clear Touch Collage is a software application that lets you cast up to 6 devices to your interactive display. It enables you to encourage interaction and involvement, where students have their own device. Helpful permission controls give you the ability to manage who is able to connect, ensuring you have the necessary control for keeping everything organized and running smoothly.


Screen sharing will show what the user sees on their device. Similarly, to if you were viewing their personal screen. 

  1. From the interactive display, tap the Collage button
    1. This button is floating, it can be moved around the screen
  2. A window will appear with a connection code
    1. This connection code is what user's will put into their device to share their screen
  3. At the bottom of the interactive display, there will be a popup. Tap the Accept/Reject option for the device trying to screen share
  4.  Once connected their screen will appear on the interactive display
  5. Tap the Collage button to hide the code

How-To Video for Screensharing using Collage