Click on the phone icon in Jabber to make a call 

Making a Call

  1. Click on the keypad button
  2. Dial the number using the keypad
  3. Press the phone button to begin the call

Receiving a call

When you receive a phone call, you will get a notification that pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen, right above the clock. 

  • Answer Button: To answer an incoming call 
  • Chat Reply Button: to open a chat (internal use only)
  • Decline Button: To decline the incoming call and send to Voicemail

Missed Call

If you miss a phone call, you will see the phone icon change to indicating how many calls you have missed. The number will disappear when you click on the icon to look at the call history.

In the phone panel, you will also see missed calls, these calls will be red in the list.


Conference Calls

  1. Start a phone call with your first party 
  2. After the party answers, click on the ellipsis icons 
  3. Choose Conference 
  4. A right side panel will appear
  5. In the "Invite participants" field, click in the field and type in the name or number of the person you wish to add. 
  6. Click on their name in the drop down.
  7. The person’s name will now show up in the list. To officially add them into the conference, click the green “phone” icon beside their name.
    1. This starts a temporary call outside of the conference. When the party you just called answers, you will need to click the green icon again to add the party into the conference.
    2. To remove someone from a conference call, right click on the person and choose remove
  8. To leave the conference call, click on the X button