Error AADSTS90019 Description

“No tenant-identifying information found in either the request or implied by any provided credentials.”

Why Is This Happening?

When you entered in your credentials, you did not put enough information in for Microsoft to identify wat it needed to look up CCAC's account to authenticate your access. 


  • Ensure that you have specified the correct tenant ID ( in your request. 
  • Make sure that you have provided the correct credentials (CCAC Email Address ( /Password) for the tenant. 
  • If you are using a desktop application, ensure that it is registered in the correct tenant. Add or Disconnect CCAC Account from Windows 

Other Troubleshooting Suggestions

  • Make sure you are putting in your full email address ( and the correct associated password.
  • If your CCAC Username/Password are stored, try manually typing it in. The stored information may be incorrect or the stored information is not correct anymore.
  • Try to see if it still is happening in an In-Private Browsing Window
  • Clear a Browser's Cache / Browsing Data