Before you begin


Only one device can be connected to the Bluetooth receiver at a time

Pairing the Device

  1. Locate the Bluetooth receiver under the touch panel
  2. Press and hold the PAIR button for 3 seconds, the blue light will begin to flash when pair mode is on
  3. From the device you want to connect, locate the Bluetooth settings
  4. Tap or click on unBT2A
  5. Pairing will happen, your device will say it's pair successfully

Adjusting the volume of the Bluetooth device

  1. From the touch panel, tap Audio Control
  2. Locate the Bluetooth volume buttons
  3. Choose the button to make the volume louder
  4. Choose the button to make the volume softer
  5. Choose the Mute button to mute the sound

Troubleshooting Tips

If you cannot connect to the Bluetooth device, try the follow:

  • Make sure no one else is already connected to the Bluetooth
  • Try re-pairing the device again
  • Restart the device that is trying to pair to the Bluetooth receiver