Note:  This is a two step process and two forms will need to be filled out per request

The CCAC Partner (the person for whom the account is being requested) will need proper photo ID to upload to the The Internet Acknowledgment Form part of the DocuSign process.

For the CCAC Hiring Administrator: Please only click the link with the intent to complete the Internet Acknowledgment Form as the college incurs a cost when the link is clicked. This form is only to get proper ID from the CCAC Partner. You will also need to fill out a Partner Account Request form when this document is completed. The completed DocuSign form will provide the 7-digit Colleague ID number needed for the second step of the process.

  1. The Hiring Administrator needs to initiate The Internet Acknowledgment Form.
  2. The Hiring Administrator will enter their name and email address in the Hiring Administrator section.
  3. The Hiring Administrator will enter the name and email address of the CCAC Partner (the person for whom the account is being requested).
  4. Click Begin Signing
  5. You will receive an email from CCAC Docusign via DocuSign with the Subject:  Email validation: Internet Acknowledgment Form for (the name of the CCAC Partner).  This contains the authentication code which you need in order to fill out the form.
  6. Open the email and copy the code.  
  7. Click on Resume Signing.
  8. Paste in the Access Code and click Validate.
  9. Check the box that you agree to use electronic records and signatures and click Continue.
  10. Click Start which takes you to a box to fill in to explain the reason for the request.
  11. Click the Signature button to sign the form and enter your department information.
  12. Click Finish
    1. When the CCAC Partner opens the email – they need to click on Review Document.
  13. The form will then be emailed to the CCAC Partner at the provided email address for them to fill out and attach their proper photo ID 
  14. When the CCAC Partner opens the email – they need to click on Review Document.
  15. Once the CCAC Partner checks the agreement box, fills out their information and attaches the ID they will click on Finish.
  16. The DocuSign form will then be routed through email to the Regional Presidents, Provost and Associate Provost for a signature.  One of them would sign and click Finish.
    1. A completed email will be sent to the CCAC Hiring Administrator so that they will receive the 7-digit Colleague ID number. You must click on 'View Completed Document' in the email to see the Colleague ID at the bottom of the form. Keep this information!

      Only after you have the 7-digit Colleague ID number, should you proceed to the next step  -  filling out the Partner Account Request form.

  17. The Registrar’s office will then receive the request and they will create a colleague record generating the partner’s 7-digit Colleague ID number (as long as the proper photo ID is attached).
  18. Once the Registrar’s office creates the record and enters the Colleague ID number onto the bottom of the DocuSign form, the form is then complete.
  19.  The CCAC Hiring Administrator will then be able to complete the Partner Account Request form.  Be sure to enter the 7-digit Colleague ID number you received from the completed DocuSign email. Failure to do so will result in delayed account creation.
  20. ITS will receive the partner account request via a ticket.
  21. ITS will email you through the ticket the partner account username and temporary password when it is complete.