The Zoom meeting rooms have two touch panels. The Extron touch panel and the iPad Zoom Room controller. The iPad controller only works to control the in meeting Zoom functions.

After powering the system on using the Extron Touch Panel and selecting the Zoom Room button, switch to using the iPad for joining the Zoom meeting.

If the iPad screen is black or in a sleeping state, press the Home button to wake. Launch the Zoom APP to access Zoom Room controls.

Meeting Information

The Meeting Information button will display the Meeting ID, Passcode, and options for joining by the web or phone.

  • After selecting the Meeting Information button you will see the Meeting Information Screen.


Room Controls

This is where you would select the Presentation Source for Screen Sharing. Your options include PC (log into the in room PC), Table (plug HDMI cable into your laptop) , Lectern (plug HDMI cable into your laptop).

In addition, Camera Select will allow you to select a preset view for the camera. Your options include Lectern, Boards, Front of Room, and Back of Room.

  • After selecting the Room Controls button you will see the Following sources to select from.

Room Controls for North N3002

N3002 also includes options for Rear Display Sources


Room Controls for OCS 516

OCS has the additional option of powering on the Side Displays and which source you would like to project



The Settings button will show you what Microphone, Speaker, Camera are selected. This button is locked and you will not be able to make adjustments.


Mute/Unmute Microphone

The Mute/Unmute button will mute or unmute the in room microphone.


Stop/Start Video

The Stop/Start Video button will turn the room camera(s) On or Off.


Send Content

The Send Content button will allow you to send content to the remote participants in the Zoom meeting. 

Please note: you will need to select your content source first by using the Room Controls button and selecting the appropriate source.

  • If using your own laptop, be sure to plug the HDMI cable in and select the Share to Meeting Button

  • To stop sharing, select the Stop Sharing button



The Security button will allow you to access in meeting security settings.

  • Once you select the Security button you will have access to the following functions: Lock Meeting, Enable Waiting Room, Hide Profile Pictures, Share Screen, Chat, Rename Themselves, Unmute Themselves, Start Video, and Suspend Participant Activities.



The View button will allow you to change the view of the Zoom meeting participants. 

  • Options include Speaker, Thumbnail, or Gallery view



Camera Control

If the Camera Presets don't suit your needs (located under the Room Controls button) you can manually adjust the view of the camera by selecting the Camera Control button.

  • From this screen you can manipulate the camera position by using the arrows on screen. You can also, zoom in and out using the magnifying glass icons. 



This Participants button gives a list of who is currently in the meeting and some control over the participants.

  • Since the Zoom room takes over as host of the meeting, you can mute and turn off participant mic/camera from touching the icons next to the participant name. You can also Mute All.

  • If you want the remote participant(s) to turn their mic or camera ON, press the icon again. The remote participant will get a message saying, "the host has asked you to start your video"
  • or "the host would like you to unmute"
  • The More button will give you access to additional features such as: Lock Meeting, Enable Live Transcription, Mute Participants upon Entry, Disable Participants to Unmute Themselves, Disable Participants, to Rename Themselves, Disable Participants to start video, Show Non-video Participants, Hide Self View, and Enable Waiting Room.
  • You can tap on a participant's name to reveal the following settings: Chat, Ask to Unmute, Ask to Start Video, Pin, Allow Recording, Make Host, Make Co-Host, Assign to Type Closed Caption, Rename, Put in Waiting Room, and Remove.



The Invite button will allow you to search the CCAC directory by typing in a person's name or username into the search bar. If you need to call another Zoom room directly, select the room you would like to invite and the press the Invite button.

  • You can also send an invite using the Email button.
  • Once you select the Email button you will be prompted to enter a Email Address and then select Send.



Select the Record button to record your Zoom meeting.

Warning: The record option is only available when you have invited the Zoom room to a meeting using your Outlook invite. For directions on how to Schedule a Zoom for a Meeting, please click here.

  • To stop a recording, select the Stop Recording button.



Select More to access some interactive features.

  • The More features include Chat and Breakout Rooms.



Selecting the End button remove the room from the meeting.

  • After selecting Leave, you will be given three options.
    • Leave will allow you to leave the meeting and assign another participant as the Host
    • End Meeting for All will end the meeting for all participants
    • Cancel will take you back into the meeting



The Volume slider controls the volume for the room speakers.