Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings are the most common option for events. When you schedule your own event and email a link to participants, you’re using Zoom Meetings. The host can easily edit these events to reschedule or to add new participants. Zoom Meetings also work with your CCAC email, allowing for convenient reminders and calendar integration for hosts and participants.

In a Zoom Meeting, anyone is able to speak freely. This helps facilitate discussion, but for larger meetings, you should ensure that you are prepared to facilitate the meeting and announce in advance to mute all microphones. 

The host is also able to grant any participants the ability to share their screen with the entire Zoom Meeting. This is very helpful for sharing information and collaborating with the group.


Zoom Webinars

The first reason you’d opt for a Zoom Webinar is if you want to have over 300 attendees view the event. 

Because of the number of attendees involved in Webinars, only pre-selected panelists will be able to use their microphone, webcam, and screen share during the event. All other attendees will be muted by default and can only be unmuted by the host.

Attendees are able to interact with the event by utilizing the Q&A feature. Attendees can ask questions anonymously or non-anonymously and then chosen questions can be addressed by panelists or via the chat feature.

When requesting to schedule a Webinar, please note that it is your responsibility to distribute the Webinar invitation link to all necessary panelists and attendees, arrange any publicity needed for the event, ensure that the event runs smoothly and that all panelists are aware of the order of presentation, and designate a volunteer Q&A moderator if needed.


Zoom Webinars VS Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings Zoom Webinars 
Description Meetings are ideal for interactive sessions where most attendees will be speaking and participating
Webinars are ideal for large events that are open to the public. Most attendees will not be speaking in the event.
Best Uses One-on-one meetings, small group discussions, team collaboration
Town halls, lectures, large virtual events
Total Capacity Under 300 participants
Over 300 attendees
Audio All participants can mute/unmute themselves. Host can request participants to mute.
Only the host and panelists can mute/unmute their own audio. Attendees can only be unmuted by the host
Video All participants can enable or disable their webcam. Screen sharing is possible for all participants if granted
Attendees will have their webcams disabled by default without the ability to enable without the host on their own. Only designated speakers and panelists can share their screens
Breakout Rooms Meetings can be split into breakout rooms separate from the main meeting. Participants can move between the main meeting and breakout rooms.
Breakout rooms are not available in Zoom Webinars.

Schedule a Zoom Webinar

To schedule a Zoom Webinar, please visit: https://ccacforms.formstack.com/forms/zoom_webinar_request