Students are now able to create their own CCAC NetID and Password.

  1. Go to
  2.  If you are a new student or employee then you will need to create/claim your account. Click on the Create your NetID Account button
    1. This will take you to the Account Claim Scenarios page

  3. Click the drop-down arrow

  4. Select the scenario that applies to you

  5. Click Next

If you do not have your CCAC ID number

1. First Name (Chosen Name) - You would enter the first name you have entered on your records or the chosen name if that field was filled out. For example, if my name is Johnathan but I filled out John as my chosen name then I would fill this out as John. If I did not have a chosen name it would default to Johnathan in this example.

 2. Last Name – Enter the last name you have on record so if my full name is John Smith I would enter Smith.

 3. Birth Date - Enter your birthdate in a “MM/DD/YYYY” format meaning if your birthday is July 1st 2002 you would enter 07/01/2002.

 4. Enter the last 4 Digits of your Social Security Number (SSN)

 5. Click Next to proceed


If you do have your CCAC ID number

1. CCAC ID Number – Enter your 7-digit CCAC ID Number, this can be found on the back of your ID Badge, on your schedule, and should have been received in an email after successfully registering with CCAC. Employees should have received this information from their supervisor.

 2. Birth Date - Enter your birthdate in a “MM/DD/YYYY” format meaning if your birthday is July 1st 2002 you would enter 07/01/2002.

3. Select Next


Setting your CCAC Password


Enter a Password that has at least 1 of the following:

  • One upper case letter
  • One lower case letter
  • One special character (!@#$%^&*)
  • One number
  • It must contain at least 15 characters
  • Cannot contain personal information
  • Cannot be one of your last 5 passwords

     1. Enter a password that meets the criteria listed above.

 2. Enter the same password to verify the password change.

 3. Click Next to complete the password change.

Successful Completion

Once you have successfully completed resetting your password you will receive this completion message. IF you have not updated your contact information please do so on the self-service link listed. You will need your personal email and phone number to be current in the event you need to reset your password.


If you receive an Error

This means you accidentally entered the wrong information and will need to repeat the previous steps, your CCAC NetID and Password are not created yet (once registered it can take up to 24 hours to be created), or you are a former student and need to create a temporary account by clicking on the hyperlink "Click here" (shown in the image below).  (Please note a temporary account only lasts 24 hours).