Before you begin

Your instructor might give you a class key like MYSCHOOL 1234 5678 to enroll in your class.
Enroll yourself in each class section only once.
A class key does not verify payment. 


  1. Go to and click Enroll with Class Key.
  2. Enter your class key and click Enroll.
  3. If the correct class and section is listed, click Yes, this is my class.
  4. Sign in or create your account. 

I Have a Cengage Account

  1. Type your Cengage username and password.
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. If prompted, either sign in to your existing WebAssign account or create a new WebAssign account.

I Have a WebAssign Account 

  1. Click Link Your WebAssign Account.
  2. Type your WebAssign username, institution code, and password.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. If prompted, link your WebAssign account to a Cengage account.

I Don't Have an Account

  1. Click Create Account.
  2. Type the details for your new Cengage account.
  3. Read and acknowledge your acceptance of the Cengage service agreement. 
  4. Click Create Account.

You are signed in to WebAssign with your new account and enrolled in your class.

For More Info

24/7 live phone support (1-800-354-9706), online chat and through Cengage's self-service website, which includes helpful articles, downloads, and tutorials.