What is an Academic Suspension Appeal? 

If while on Academic Probation, the student’s academic record falls below the minimum of the range outlined below, the student will be placed on Academic Suspension. Evaluation for Suspension will occur once each year, in May after final grades are posted.  While on Academic Suspension, the student will be restricted from attending CCAC for two terms, unless the student successfully appeals.

See page 30 of the Student Handbook for the entire Academic Suspension policy.

When can I apply? 

Students can submit their application for committee review during the Spring semester on the day that Final grades are made available (see the Academic Calendar for the current Spring term) until June 30th

All applications will be reviewed by the committee and results returned to students via email no later than July 31st.  

How can I submit an Appeal?

  • Complete and submit the Suspension Appeal form; find this form under Academics, Advising and Registration Forms.