Before you begin, you will need

Microsoft Office for iOS or Android - Downloading and Install Microsoft Office‍ 

  1. Tap the Microsoft Office App icon
  2. Tap the Actions icon
  3. Tap Scan to PDF
  4. Try your best to get the orange border to align with the paper
  5. Tap the Capture button to take a photo of the paper
  6. You will see a preview
    • You can also tap and drag the circles to better select your paper
  7. Tap Confirm
  8. Make edits to the page(s)
    • To add more pages, tap Add and repeat the process
    • Tap the ... More to Rotate, Delete, Reorder, or add Ink or Text to the document
  9. When finished, tap Done
  10. You will see a preview, tap the Share icon
  11. Choose where or how you want to share
    • Name: Name your file
    • Location (Cloud Based): Tap the Location then, Tap the Upload button
    • Keep Local Copy: Keeps a copy in the App
    • Email or other Sharing ways: Tap Send a Copy option. This will open the share menu