What Does Academic Email Migration Mean to a Student?

What it means is that the student's email address is going to change from yourusername@acd.ccac.edu to yourusername@ccac.edu.  The acd portion of the email address will be removed. For example, timmy.testing@acd.ccac.edu will now be timmy.testing@ccac.edu.




Do you already have a CCAC email account?

If you already have a CCAC email account, you will be notified by email the 7 days prior to your mailbox migration and the migration date. You will also receive an email once your email account has been migrated and logged out of your acd.ccac.edu account.


How long will the migration take?

For an email account: it can take up to 8+ hours depending on the amount of data stored. This migration will take place overnight (EST) on the date specified in your email. 

For the whole migration: ITS expects the project to be complete by the start of Fall 2024 semester.


What happens to the information that is currently in my mailbox?

Your email, contacts, folders, calendar information, OneDrive, etc. will be migrated to your new mailbox. Should you use your email during the migration process (not recommended); ITS will do a quick re-migration check, at the end of the project, to ensure everything has been successfully moved. 


What happens if an email goes to the old email address?

If an email is sent to your acd.ccac.edu inbox, it will be forwarded to your new inbox. ITS will communicate when the acd.ccac.edu mailbox is deactivated, and the sender will receive an undeliverable notification.


What do I do if I can't log into the ccac.edu account after the migration?

You may need to Reset your Password on your CCAC NetID Account and then after you do, wait 45 minutes, then try logging in. This will give all the systems time to update your information. 


What happens if I sign in using the acd.ccac.edu email address? 

After your mailbox is migrated, you will no longer have access to log into the old acd.ccac.edu mailbox. The acd account will be locked.


ACD Email Address Account is Locked

Once your account has been migrated, if you try to sign into your acd.ccac.edu account you will receive an error that your account has been locked. You will need to sign in with your new @ccac.edu email address.


Do you use your CCAC account to access Office 365?

You will need to sign out of any Microsoft Office 365 products, such as Edge, Windows, etc., and log back in using the new email format.


Are you using CCAC Go or the Outlook Mobile App?

When using CCAC Go (preferred) or the Outlook mobile app, you will need to log out and log back in using the new yourusername@ccac.edu format.


Will my email address change in all CCAC systems?

Once your CCAC mailbox is updated, CCAC's ITS department will automatically update the college's systems, such as self-service, Blackboard, etc.


What do I do if some of my course's material uses the acd.ccac.edu?

Most of the CCAC systems use our Single Sign-On, including Blackboard. Blackboard will then pass that information to the course's site. 

If you did not have to create an account (username/password) at the beginning of the semester for the course material on their website, then the latest information will be updated automatically. 

If you had to create an account, you can still use that email address to log onto the website, however, you should update the email address for the account to your new ccac.edu email address. Any communications that go to the acd.ccac.edu email, will be forwarded to the ccac.edu. 


What if something is wrong or missing after I've been migrated?

Call (412.237.8700) the ITS ServiceDesk during business hours. The ServiceDesk will create a ticket and escalate it to the email migration team to investigate. 


How do I log out of my ACD account?

Logging out of Single Sign-on (SSO)




Log into the Help Center to see Employee information.