What is Zoom?

Zoom is a new way for students and instructors to learn and communicate. Zoom works online so you can use it most anywhere. It is a 2-way audio/video and screen sharing connection with your instructor. 


Why use Zoom? 

Using Zoom is convenient, works on computers and mobile devices, and your instructors will be using Zoom to connect with you online.

Instructors may choose to use Zoom for:

  • Live class lectures online in place of meeting on campus 
  • Meeting with you 1-on-1 during their office hours 
  • Essay, homework, or exam review with you or with a group of students 

How to access Zoom?

Your course instructor will share a Zoom link with you within your Blackboard course site or through academic email. 

You can test your computer or device with Zoom by going to: ccac.zoom.us/test 


What technology do I need for Zoom sessions? 

Zoom works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other devices. Depending on what device you use to participate in Zoom sessions, you will need speakers and a microphone, or earphones or headphones with a microphone. Of course, many devices such as mobile phones are pre-equipped with what is required.


Connecting to Zoom through a Link in Blackboard 

Within your Blackboard course site, your instructor created a link for accessing Zoom

  1. Click the Zoom link. 
  2. Your Zoom session list will be displayed 
  3. At the time of the session, to the right of the session name, click Join  
  4. Click Join with Computer Audio if prompted 
  5. Or, click Test speaker and microphone to test your system’s capabilities before clicking to join 
  6. During the session, be sure to mute/unmute your audio and video as needed  
  7. The instructor will begin the class meeting at the scheduled time by sharing their audio/video and screen with you

Connecting to Zoom through Academic Email

  1. Login to My CCAC (https://my.ccac.edu) using your CCAC username and password 
  2. In the My Email web part, click Academic Email 
    1. Your email will open; look for email from your instructor regarding your Zoom session 
  3. Open the meeting email from your instructor and note the session date/time and read any comments or directions 
  4. Click the session link in the email to join the meeting 
    1. a. Zoom will open 
    2. The first time you use Zoom, it may request you download and run the Zoom Launcher – this takes only a few moments 
  5. Click Join with Computer Audio if prompted 
    1. Or, click ‘Test speaker and microphone’ to test your system’s capabilities, then click Join 
  6. Be sure to mute/unmute your audio and video as needed 
    1. The instructor will begin the session promptly by sharing their audio/video and screen with you