These modalities are describes on the CCAC website at Course Offerings Options

On-Ground, Face-to-face

These are classes with specified meeting times that are conducted at one of the college campuses or centers. These include lectures, labs, studios and activity classes. Section numbers like: AC01, BC72. Look for this notation under location in the schedule: "Allegheny Campus, Milton M426 Lecture"


Remote Learning

These are classes with specified meeting times, that are conducted virtually over Zoom. Will have sections like: AC01, BC72. Look for this notation in the course schedule under location "Remote Instruction" and room REM ZOOM.


Live Sync (new!)

Live Sync courses are offered to provide the student the opportunity to enroll in an on-ground OR a remote class that occurs at the same time for scheduled lectures or labs. The instructor leads “live” instruction in a technology-supported classroom at the campus or center, while some students participate simultaneously via Zoom. All students attend class on designated days and times for scheduled lectures or labs with the instructor, either face-to-face on campus or via Zoom. Students will enroll in the section of their preferred modality; students may have the opportunity to switch modalities for one or more class sessions, with permission of the instructor.

The Blackboard course site will include both the on-ground and remote students. Full details and instructions for accessing Zoom are available in Blackboard, your online class space.

Students participating via Zoom must have access to a computer with an Internet connection. Students must also be computer literate and be comfortable using software, email and performing other activities on the Internet. Some courses have specific technical requirements or indicate that students must own specific software packages to take the course.

Two sections will be available that will occur simultaneously.

Course comments will include:



Class will have a standard meeting each week and online coursework. Under location, the require class meeting will be listed along with a notation that explains how much of the course in self-directed: "Boyce Campus HYBRID-50% Online Coursework"

Courses may be either:

On-ground Hybrid

Live instruction will happen in lectures and/or labs on campus, and supplemented with online coursework.

Remote Hybrid

Live instruction will occur via Zoom and supplemented with online coursework. 


On-line Class

Fully on-line, no scheduled class meetings or remote instruction. Location is listed as the Virtual Campus. Sections start with a Z. Online courses use Blackboard, your online class space, to interact with classmates and instructors. Learning activities and assignments are completed according to the instructions and schedule posted by the instructor within Blackboard. 


Work-based Learning

Work-based learning is the practice and application of classroom knowledge in a real-world setting or simulated environment under the supervision of an experienced professional. These classes can include Clinicals (CLN), Practicums (PRA) or Cooperative Education (COP). Most clinicals will be assigned to a location beginning with Hospital Site. Some work-based experiences might occur on campus, but most are off-campus at a work location.