Depending on the service you are requesting and the type of request, more information may be needed to complete the request. For example, requesting training will require more information than submitting an inquiry. 

This example will demonstrate the process for submitting a Microsoft Office 365 training request. 

  1. To visit the CCAC Supportal please click the direct link on MyCCAC or visit
  2. Click Login
  3. Click Sign in with SSO
  4. Enter your NetID username and password
  5. Click Sign in
  6. Click on I Need Something
  7. Scroll through the service items offered or select one from the categories on the left
  8. In the Request Type field, click the dropdown and select Request Training
  9. In the Training is for field, select Individual or Group
  10. In the Location field, select the desired location of the training
  11. In the "Have you used this product before" field, select Yes or No
  12. In the "Please explain what you hope to gain out of this training" field, describe what you need to learn
  13. If you have any additional information, enter it in the Additional Information field
  14. Click Place Request
  15. Confirm or enter your email
  16. Select Confirm
  17. You will receive an email confirming your submission with a link to check the status of your request