1. Indicate if you were or at any time in the foster care system?
    1. Select “Yes” if you’re a foster youth or were at any time in the foster care system
      • You may be asked to provide proof by the school
    2. Select “No” if you
      • If aren’t a foster youth, or weren’t at any time in the foster care system
      • If you’re not sure if you were in foster care, check with your state child welfare agency

  1. Select Parent Educational Information using the drop-down box
    Select the answer that best describes your parent’s highest level of education completed

     For this question, parent means your birth or adoptive parent. Don’t answer this question about a stepparent, legal guardian, or foster parent.

    This question is used for state scholarship purposes ONLY. It doesn't affect your eligibility for federal student aid

    3. Click the Next Button