If you are considered a FAFSA defined Independent Student...

You are NOT required to answer questions about your parents

  1. Mark YES OR NO to answering questions about your parents
    (Answering these questions won’t affect your eligibility for federal student aid, such as a Federal Pell Grant)
  2. Click the Next button
  3. Use the drop-down box to select if you have already completed, plan to (will) file, or not filing a tax return for the year requested
  4. Enter what Type of IRS income tax return you filed using the drop-down box
  5. Enter what Filing Status you used for that tax year using the drop-down box
    • Once you have entered your information for the indicated year using the dropdown box, the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) Box will appear

  6. Read the IRS DRT Statement that has been created based on the information you provided about your:
    • Marital Status (enter earlier in the FAFSA)
    • Tax Completion Status
    • Type of Tax Return Filed

    • DRT Tool Available – Student

      1. Click Link to the IRS button
      2. Click the Proceed To IRS Site button
      3. Click the Ok button
      4. Click on the Ok button
      5. Review prepopulated fields and Fill In Blank Required fields

        Enter your address information exactly as it would have appeared on your tax return when it was filed

        Example: If you used Main Street when you filed, you cannot substitute Main St. or Main 

      6. Click the Submit button
      7. Click the box next to Transfer My Tax Information into the FAFSA Form
      8. Congratulations! You have successfully transferred your tax information from the IRS
      9. Click the Next button to continue

      If you would like more information on the DRT Tool, visit IRS DRT Information

      DRT Tool Not Available – Student

      1. Click the Next button
      2. Fill in the information requested based on the tax return filed
        • Each question has a "?" symbol on the right hand side which contains an explanation of what is being asked and where to find it on the tax return
      3. Click the Next button

  7. Enter your Adjusted Gross Income (unless Transferred from IRS)
  8. Click the Next button
  9.  Fill in your (and spouses') income from working (salaries, wages, tips, etc.)
  10. Click the Next button
  11. Indicate by marking Yes, No, or Don’t Know about filing a Schedule 1
    • Generally, taxpayers file a Schedule 1 to report income or adjustments to income that can’t be entered directly on Form 1040 such as unemployment, education expenses, IRA deduction, and student loan interest deduction
    • If you mark YES, to the Schedule 1 question, you will be prompted to answer some additional questions

      1. Mark Yes if you completed a Schedule 1 
      2. Click the Next button
      3. Indicate mark Yes, No, or  I Don’t know if you (or spouse) is a Dislocated Worker
      4. If you indicate NO, mark the boxes that pertain to your past or current situation
      5. Click the Next button
  12.  Enter your income tax (unless Transferred from IRS)
  13. Click the Next button
  14. List the values requested according to your tax records
  15. Click the Next button
  16. List the values requested according to your tax records
  17. Click the Next button
  18. List the values requested according to your tax records AND personal circumstances
  19. Mark Yes or No to completing the Additional Asset questions
    • If you decide to bypass these questions, CCAC may require answers to these questions to determine your eligibility for college aid after receiving the results
    • Asset Information

      1. Enter the requested values about your assets
      2. Click the Next button
  20.  Click the Next button
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