• You must have an active email account, which is checked regularly. This email address will receive all the communications from admissions and then transferred into your student account and is considered your "personal" email address.  
    • It is not suggested to use a work or temporary email address.
  • The email address and password used here will be what you use if you need to come back to your application, register for an event or log into the application system. 

Before You Begin

You must have a seven-digit student ID number to complete the application.

  1. From a web browser, go to
  2. Click Create Account 
  3. Fill out the Demographic Information
  4. Fill out the Enrollment Information
    1. Select your anticipated enrollment date
    2. In Area of Interest, select Nursing/Allied Health Applications 
    3. In Academic Program, choose Nursing Applicant 
    4. Select if you are a US Citizen
    5. Choose the nursing track you wish to apply for


      RN - General Admissions
      LPN-RN Transition - This track is for students who currently hold an LPN license

    6. Read the agreements and choose Yes or No
    7. Enter your Student ID
      If you do not have a student number yet, you will need to do the general admission application.
  5. Fill out the Account Information
    This password and email will be used if you do not complete your application and need to come back
  6. Complete the reCAPTCHA
  7. Click the Create Account Button 
  8.   Once your account is created, click Apply Online in the heading menu
  9. Click Click here to begin a Nursing Application button
  10. Check to make sure the start term is correct
  11. Click the Click here to complete the application selected above button
  12. Check and update the information in the Personal Section, then click the Save & Continue button
  13. Check, update and fill in the information in the Demographics Section, then click the Save & Continue button
  14. Under Nursing Choices, Select the semester you are applying for


    The nursing program does not accept applications for future application periods. Deadline extensions are announced on a semester-by-semester basis.

  15. Select if this is for readmission
  16. Select if you are interested in the joint admissions program
  17. Rank your top 3 campus choices
    Campus options vary depending on if the application period is for Spring or Fall enrollment.
  18. Select if you need Disability Resources and Services
  19. Click the Save & Continue button 
  20. Fill in the information in the Academic History Section, then click the Save & Continue button
    If you have attended other colleges outside of CCAC, be sure to select Attended under the College Credit section. 
  21. Check, update and fill in the information in the Signature & Submission Section, then click the Submit Application button
    Choose the Preview Before Submission button to ensure all information is correct.
  22. You will then see the confirmation page. You will also receive a confirmation email.