Who do I see on my campus about resources for military-connected students?

Each CCAC campus has an OMVS Facilitator to support military-connected students. Please see Military and Veterans webpage to find your campus Veterans Services Facilitator.

How do I to start my VA educational benefits at CCAC?

You can find steps for starting your benefits on our getting started page.

How do I obtain in-state residency?

Military connected students are all eligible for in-state, in-county rates, which can be obtained by following the instructions on our in-state, in-county rates page.

Do I need to come to OMVS every semester?

You need to complete the Veterans Enrollment Certification Request Form request form every semester, however, we have moved the form online so you do not need to bring it to our office.  If you need assistance in completing the form or have any questions regarding your benefits or just need assistance please feel free to stop by one of the offices, call us at 412.237.4604, or email us at veteransservices@ccac.edu.

What programs offered through CCAC are approved for VA funding?

Please visit the Department of Veterans Affairs WEAMS website for an official list of what programs are approved by the VA.

Can I change my program of study?

Yes. You need to change your program with CCAC's Registration department and notify OMVS of the change. We suggest getting a copy of your change of major form from Registration for your records. After you have changed or updated your CCAC degree plan you will need to complete the VA Form 22-1995 Change of Program or Place of Training as well.

What classes will the VA pay for?

When starting your enrollment with OMVS, you will declare your program of study, which is a program approved by the VA. Only classes in your program of study will be authorized and approved for payment by the VA.

How many credits to I have to take to be a "full time" student by VA standards?

To be considered "full time" for VA purposes, please refer to the following charts for the appropriate semester.

Class Length Minimum Credits Required for VA Full Time Status 

Fall and Spring

14 week session = 12 credits

16 week session = 12 credits

First Summer

4 week session = 3 credits

6 week session = 4 credits

8 week session = 6 credits

10 week session = 7 credits

Second Summer

6 week session = 4 credits

How does CCAC bill the VA?

OMVS certifies the VA for your credit hours so that the VA can begin processing your Monthly Allowance for Housing (MAH) stipend. After the drop/add date, our office will bill them for your tuition and fees. This allows students to change their schedules if needed.

We wait until after drop/add because we only have to bill the VA once for tuition and fees instead of after each drop or add, mitigating many payment issues that students would otherwise face.

What happens if I drop a course during the semester?

If you drop a course, you must notify CCAC OMVS at so that they can update the certification for the VA. This must be done even if you have already notified the VA on the WAVE system. Course drops and changes to your number of credits affect your rate of payment, and failure to notify your campus OMVS Facilitator in a timely manner could result in an overpayment that you are required to pay back.

I receive Chapter 30 or Chapter 1606 educational benefits and have to verify my enrollment each month. How do I do that?

You can verify your enrollment to the VA on the last calendar day of the month, counting holidays, by using the WAVE system or by calling 1.877.823.2378.

Can I get college credit for military service?

Veterans and service members who are matriculating students may earn up to 30 credits in United States Armed Forces Institute courses, in which they have passed final exams, and for other military education and training. The decision regarding the granting of credit for these courses resides with CCAC. To see what can be transferred, students should speak to an academic advisor.

How long will it take to receive my VA benefits?

Payments may take at least four to six weeks from the time the enrollment certification is received by MVS and the courses are certified.

Are VA educational benefits taxable?

No, Veteran's benefits, paid under any law and administered by the VA should not be reported as income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

What is VA Work-Study and who is eligible?

The VA work-study program is an excellent avenue for students to supplement their income while attending school. Interested students should contact the VA Facilitator at the college or university they attend for position availability.