Check to see if you have completed ALL requirements prior to making your request

  1. Are you registered for a minimum of 6 credits for the semester you are requesting a loan?
  2. Have you completed your Master Promissory Note (MPN) or had a previous Federal Direct loan within 10 years?
  3. Have you completed your Entrance Counseling (EC) or had a previous Stafford loan and still making payments?
  4. Is your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status eligible for Federal financial aid (Satisfactory, Warning, Probation) or does it require action?
  5. Are you clear of any previous Defaulted Stafford or Perkins loans?
  6. Is your current major selected eligible for federal aid*?
    • The majority of CCAC majors are eligible for federal aid some exceptions include (but not restricted) to those majors that require less than 16 credits to complete
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your CCAC NetID username and Password
  3. Click on Financial Aid
  4. You will see the Financial Aid Status Page
  5. Use the Navigation Bar to click on the Bank Icon
  6. Click on the Financial Aid Information drop-down 
  7. Click on Financial Aid drop-down box
  8.  Click on Request a New Loan
  9. You will see the Request a New Loan page

    Multiple Term Loans will NOT be PROCESSED

    Please only request the loan amount you are seeking for ONE term

  10. Make sure the correct award year is showing
  11. Enter the Requested (Loan) Amount
  12. Enter any Comments you would like stated in regards to your loan request
  13. Click the Next button
  14. You will see the Select Award Periods page
    • Make sure to UNMARK the term(s) you are NOT currently seeking a loan for, leaving only the term in which you are seeking a loan to be checked
  15. Click the Next button
  16. Review your Request information
  17. Click the Submit button
  18. Make sure that you receive notification of a SUCCESSFUL submission. Please allow up to 10 business days for processing.