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General Announcements

You will find alerts and notification in at the top of each page in CCAC Self-Service. Depending on the page, the alerts will be tailored to that specific area. 

Financial Aid Award List

To view a particular year, click the dropdown menu which will show all the years that CCAC has received your FAFSA information. Please make sure you are reviewing the correct award year to see accurate yearly information.

Financial Aid SAP Status

Students receiving financial aid must comply with the three components of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Failure to comply with any component may result in a loss of future financial aid: 

  • GPA of 2.0
  • Students must complete 67% or more of all the credits they attempt. For instance, if you are enrolled in 12 credits this semester, you must complete 9 of those credits to meet this requirement
  • Students must complete their degree within a maximum timeframe, including transfer hours and attempted hours. Most associate degrees must be completed within 90 credits 

After every semester attended the SAP status will be updated. Please make sure to review your SAP status to determine if you need to take additional steps to maintain Federal Aid eligibility.

Status of your Financial Aid Application

Once CCAC has received your FAFSA, it is critical that you continue to check your Financial Aid status to determine if Action is needed, the file is Complete, or current staff review is In-progress.

  • The process time for CCAC to receive a submitted/updated FAFSA can take up to 3-5 business days. If you have EXCEEDED this time period, please check your FAFSA to ensure your submission was successful, that it was done for correct year, and you have CCAC listed under the school section.
  • If you feel that CCAC should have already received your FAFSA, please contact the CCAC Financial Aid Office for assistance.

Status Name Meaning of the Term
Action is needed There is a problem, you will need to check and correct the problem and resubmit the information
In-progress The Financial Aid department is reviewing the information submitted
Complete No action needed, everything was submitted correctly

Financial Aid Contact Information

Financial Aid Webpage

CCAC Pages and Outside Resources

The quick links in this area are helpful to find webpages, directions, and applications that may be of use during your time at CCAC and beyond.


Loan and Pell History

These two areas will show the past history of Federal loans requested/received and Pell grants received.  Both of these types of financial aid have lifetime maximum amounts determined by the Department of Education.  Please see the information below for the lifetime maximums for each type of aid.

Your loan eligibility is different depending on your Department of Education dependency status.  If you are unsure of your determination, please visit the Determining your FAFSA Dependency Status Article