Before you begin, know the difference

  • Record to the Cloud - PREFERED METHOD - The recording is stored on Zoom's cloud; it is sharable. 
  • Record to the Computer - The recording is stored on your computer; it is not sharable. 


Only hosts and co-hosts can start a cloud recording. If you want a participant to start a recording, you can make them a co-host or use local recording. Recordings started by co-hosts will still appear in the host's recordings in the Zoom web portal.

  1. From within your Zoom meeting
  2. Click Record
  3. Click Record to the Cloud
  4. Once the recording begins, you will see a Pause and Stop option
  5. Once done with the recording, click the Stop button 
  6. You will be prompted to confirm the stop of the recording, click the Yes button

For More Information 

Recording – Zoom Help Center