CCAC Laptops

Already have GlobalProtect is installed. 

Non-CCAC Laptops 

This article should be used AFTER you have installed and setup the VPN software for the first time. Click here for the Install and Setup article



  1. Locate the GlobalProtect icon in the system tray - you may need full open the system tray to see the icon using the ^
    • If not in the system tray, look in the program list under “Palo Alto Networks”  
  1. Click on the globe and a window will appear
  1. Click the Connect button
    1. VPN Connection will initiate
    2. This should open a new window to the CCAC SSO Login Screen
  2. Log in using your CCAC Username and Password
  1. Authenticate using the Two-Factor Authentication

  1. GlobalProtect will begin connecting
  2. You will see “Connected” once GlobalProtect fully connects to the VPN."


Once Connected 

It may take up to a 2 minutes, before your device can reach CCAC systems. You may need to close or refresh your window /application to log in or gain access. 



Ensure you are connected

You can always click on the GlobalProtect icon in the System tray to see if you are still connected.