ITS no longer supports individual network printers, you will need to use the "Black and White" or "Color" printer option.
Printing From A CCAC Computer‍ 

Be Aware

You can print to another campus printer while not being on that campus. 

Print Server List

  • Black and White or Color: \\
  • Allegheny Campus: \\al-prt01
  • Boyce Campus: \\bo-prt01
  • Braddock Hills Center: \\bc-prt01
  • Homewood-Brushton: \\hb-prt01
  • North Campus: \\no-prt01
  • Office of College Services: \\co-fp04
  • South Campus: \\so-prt01
  • Washington Crown Center: \\wc-prt01
  • West Hills Center: \\wh-prt01
  1. Click on the file folder  on taskbar to open the file explore
  2. A window will open
  3. Click into the address bar
  4. Type one of the locations from the Printer Server List above
  5. Click the arrow in the address bar
  6. Locate the printer from the listed network printer
  7. Double click on the printer you want to add
  8. A printer install will begin
  9. Once installed the printer queue will appear