Instructor Station

  • Desk Space
  • Instructor Computer and Monitor
  • Button Panel
  • Cable Cubby
  • Classroom Phone
  • Cabinet with Blu-ray DVD player and System Equipment

Button Panel 

  • Located on the instructor desk
  • Wakes and powers on\off the Classroom Technology System
  • Adjust the Volume
  • PC or Laptop or Blu-ray buttons to display on the interactive touch display
  • Blu-ray controls for the video 

Cable Cubby 

  • Located on the instructor desk
  • Power outlet
  • Assorted Cables


  • Located in the Cable Cubby*
 HDMI cable USB cable for Touch Capabilities to the Interactive Touch Display  Document Camera cables  USB-C power cable

You will need to bring your own adapter if your device does not support a HDMI connection

*Some cables may vary depending on the classroom

Interactive Touch Display

Do NOT write on the board with whiteboard markers, only use the interactive pens

  • Touch capabilities 
    • Up to 20 points of touch
    • 2 Magnetic Pens at the bottom of the screen
  • Displays Instructor’s Computer, DVD, Laptop (or another device) connected with HDMI
  • Device Screen Sharing using Collage App
  • Virtual keyboard appears on the display
  • USB Ports to connect a flash drive on right side

Housekeeping has cleaning supplies for Interactive Touch Display.

Ceiling Microphone

  • Located above the interactive display and instructor station
  • Connected to the instructor's computer

Blu-ray DVD Player

  • Play a DVD or Blu-ray Disc
  • In the cabinet under PC
  • DVD controls are on the Button Panel

Instructor's Computer

Please, do not move the computer, unplug any cords or adjust settings on the computer.
This will ensure that the equipment is not accidentally damaged and the next instructor after you will have working equipment for their class.

  • Above the cabinet

Classroom Phone 

  • Located on the instructor desk
  • Dedicated button for Campus Security
  • Dedicated button for ITS ServiceDesk
  • Access to phone directory
  • Internal calls only